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PH Auto Industry In Danger?

With aggressive auto programs from other ASEAN countries, the Philippines auto industry is in danger of losing much of its business.

Ford Group Philippines (FGP) decision on whether to stay or not in the country depends solely on the government’s auto industry roadmap. According to FGP President, Randy Krieger, Executive Order 877-A, or the Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Development Program is crucial in their stay here.

For vehicle manufacturers to stay here, we should know what the government wants to do and is doing.

Next year, the Ford Focus manufacturing will be transferred from the PH to Thailand. The Escape and Mazda 3 will continue to be manufactured here.

[Article via: Philippine Daily Inquirer |Image via: Ford]

Buy Local Parts for Cars

We mentioned last time that local car manufacturers were having supply problems due to the Japan Quake. If one can’t get them imported, then it’ll have to be sourced from the local suppliers.

Japan Quake 2011

According to Trade Undersecretary and Board of Investments managing head Cristino Panlilio:

“I talked with some of the car assemblers in the Philippines and I gave them an option to locally source parts and components to avoid disruptions in the supply chain,”

The effect could very well be that prices of local car supplies will go down and the imported ones will go up. As of the moment, the local sector is only operating at 60 percent capacity. However, with more demands to come in the next few days, they’ll have to increase it even further.

[Article via: Manila Standard Today | Image via: CC: Flickr – Yuichiro Haga]

Local Car Supply Problems After Japan Quake

The Japanese massive earthquake and tsunami damaged not only Japan, but also its economic structure as its car manufacturing sector also took a large hit–resulting in a tsunami of its own reaching even the Philippines.

Local car manufacturers are having a hard time getting parts to complete cars since Japanese car manufacturers are still assessing the damage wrought upon their areas. Damage to the structure and supplies may take some time.

All the Japanese car manufacturers were affected, some more than others. Honda Motor Corp. had more than a hundred suppliers located near the quake and tsunami centers. It just recently resumed operations. Toyota Motor Corp. would be less affected since most of their parts makers were located in the northeast side of Japan. Mitsubishi Motors fared the best since they are the farthest from the epicenter.

[Article via : MB ]

Pinoy’s rattan and bamboo car makes a splash at Milan show

Pinoy car designer makes a splash at Milan. The designer, Kenneth Cobonpue, is known more for his furniture designs, but his car design made of rattan, bamboo, steel, and carbon fiber has impressed the organizers at the “Imagination and Innovation” exhibit in Via Tortona.

The car named Phoenix, was supposed to project “this era’s thrust towards artisanship and craftsmanship, biodegradability and environment-friendliness, as opposed to assembly-line production and high technology—the contrast between man’s handiwork and machine.”

The car took only 10 days to build in Cebu.

The only missing component is the engine. However, Cobonpue was focused more on other things:

“This is to show people that our design aesthetic goes beyond furniture, that as Asian we can extend even to designing transportation,”

I hope that this will inspire others in further designing and creating a car shell that will be friendly to the environment.


Auto Window Tinting

We’ve all been there: You get in your car at the end of the day and can barely breathe, it’s so hot. Or, you’re driving home and can hardly see because the sun is too low for your visors.

These situations are not only incredibly uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. Tinting your car windows can help reduce the danger, and it’s fairly easy to do yourself.

Benefits of Window Tinting
In addition to reducing heat buildup and cutting glare from sun, snow and headlights, tinted windows can protect you during an accident by holding shattered glass together. Auto window tinting also block up to 99 percent of UV rays, keeping your interior from fading or cracking due to sun exposure. This feature will also keep you from getting sunburned on those long drives to the cottage or beach.

Of course, one of the main reasons people tint their windows is for privacy—you don’t need everyone looking in your car as they pass by. This can also deter thieves since they won’t be able to see any valuables left in the car.

Easy Techniques for DIY Window Tinting
Professional window tinting is expensive and unnecessary. You can do it yourself in a few simple steps for about half the cost.

Many companies offer window tinting kits created specifically for certain brands and models. You can also purchase film separately. Be sure to check your local laws before choosing a tint color or shade—many states limit how dark windows can be.

To install your tint:

  1. Locate a window pattern in your kit or on the Internet, or make one using heavy paper (wax paper or craft paper work best, since they come in large rolls)
  2. Clean the windows that will be tinted
  3. While the windows are drying, lay your film on a clean, flat surface and trace the pattern onto it
  4. Cut the film, erring on the outside of the lines—you can always trim excess film later
  5. Spray or brush the adhesive solution to the inside of the film; coat it but don’t soak it
  6. Apply film to window
  7. Use a squeegee to remove air bubbles (run squeegee top-to-bottom, working from one side of the window to the other)
  8. Run a cloth around the edges to remove any excess adhesive
  9. Trim excess film with a utility knife

Windowing tinting can be an essential part of your car care efforts when done properly. So make sure you take the time and put in the effort to do it right!

What’s with the Super Black Tints?

We all know that these days, global warming has resulted in warmer sunny days to which car air conditioning systems may need all the help they can get to ensure that proper climate levels are maintained inside cars. One resort is to have heavily tinted vehicles to make sure that sun rays find it harder to penetrate. But on the other hand, it may make driving harder, especially during the evenings.

Another issue here is security. Heavily tinted vehicles are being pulled over due to the rampant crime rate which has involved drugs, kidnappings and smuggling to which most of the dark-tinted cars can expect to be pulled over and warned of their tint. Some would heed the warning while others will not. Others even use people in power to protect themselves and with that, you can wonder how any form of control can ever be placed on this issue locally.

On the normal route, it is hard to see the road with these dark tints. Whether you are driving normally or backing up, chances are your car is up for bumps and dents if you are not careful. Having people guide you because of it is an option but with that, you are gaining quite an attention. So why bother using dark tints?

Using the heat as a primary issue is lame. But if there are people to be blamed then perhaps that would be the car accessory vendors. If they would stop selling these dark tints then perhaps people would not even consider using them. So fix that and you may get some order from all of this dark tint issues.

The Dreaded Engine Computer Box

Ask anyone on what is the most sensitive part of modern cars these days and you may perhaps get the computer box as the answer. Rightfully so, it is considered the heart of modern cars and once it gives way, you are in big trouble.Unlike older cars, car computer boxes of newer models from Mitsubishi, Honda or Toyota are hard to replace. In fact, that is your only option since they cannot be repaired. There are people in Banawe who may claim it can be fixed but if you want to take that risk and solicit worse problems for your car, then by all means grab it. But the reality of it all is that if other parts of your car can be fabricated, your computer box cannot.

The normal occurrences that would contribute towards car computer boxes being damaged severely include:

1. Floods or being soaked
2. Length of use
3. Wrong installation or has been tampered with

Not even the usual electricians would dare tinker with it for the reason that they know how sensitive this part it and how expensive it would take to replace it. The price could go as far as a second hand car!

So if your computer box goes on the blink, better start saving for a new one. There are no second hand ones that can last in the same way that your old computer box was. Certainly, it is a part that can be expensive to replace but it may take eternity to wreck depending on how you take care of your car.

The Pains of Automatic Transmission Vehicles

One thing about cars these days, you want to be as comfy as possible. This includes the manner of driving to which most people prefer to have the automatic transmission to avoid the need to shift gears frequently.But while that may seem like a luxury, it also comes with a price. If your automatic transmission gives way, for sure you are talking bout close to Php 50,000 at the least to have it repaired. It may cost more and it would all depend if you can find one in the market.

Automatic Gear Shift, Hyundai Elantra
Creative Commons License photo credit: brownpau

Another thing about automatic transmission, you cannot afford to see your battery go dead. If it does, you may find yourself in a heap of trouble especially since they cannot be started using the normal jackrabbit start you can push it and instantly release the clutch to start it again. In these scenarios, if your car is an automatic, it would be best to have a series jumper cable in tow just in case you find your battery go dead.

Also, during the rainy seasons, you cannot just go through flooded areas. Unlike the manual transmission vehicles where you have to maintain a certain RPM to go through them, automatic transmissions change gears on their own. That cannot be applicable in flooded areas since you cannot maintain that high RPM due to automatic shift changes.

This is not to say that automatic transmission vehicles are problematic. It is just that in these cases, you have to watch out for these scenarios. Either you avoid them or take the risk.

Auto Detailing: Just Another Term for Washover

These days, any car owner would do anything to save on high costs of a new paint job. Normally, some would turn to washovers wherein scratches and dead paint spots are covered to get your car paint closer to new. Apparently there is a new term for it and it goes by the name of auto detailing.

Auto detailing goes as far as modifying a car to its smallest chrome lining. We see it most of the time in the different small car shops, offering it at a higher price but with less waiting time. For people who cannot last long without a car, this is their best option. But maybe they should be likewise told, not following the proper curing time of cars may eventually lead to low quality output.

There are of course exceptions to this rule. There are car detailers that truly uphold the meaning of quality service. All that is left then is to choose the proper one to render the service. Regardless if it is a washover or auto detailing, the final output is still the important thing.

Fabricated Car Repairs: The Filipino Habit

One thing you have to note these days, if you can save in any way as far as car repairs is concerned you would be more than willing to grab it. For pinoy car owners who often want to save and make do with fabricated repairs for their cars, rest assured they would grab it. Compared to having your car fixed as a whole or bringing it to the actual Casa, imagine the savings you can get. If you are lucky, you can even get better service since we all know that some car shops can shortchange you so that you will come back.

Fabricating repairs can include various car parts such as:

1. Under Chassis
2. Engine Support
3. Bushings
4. Air Conditioning
5. Brakes and Clutch
6. Tires
7. Dents
8. Suspensions

There will always be the so-called “replacement parts” or “second hand parts” that will be offered to you. Compared to the brand new or original ones, you can make do with them but the timeline for their durability is surely incomparable to the authentic one.

However, cost-wise, these are the alternative you just have to consider. With limited budgets and the need to use your car, you have to get repairs done even if they would mean for a temporary period of time.

Just be sure you save up to replace them with better parts after some months though. Expect these fabricated parts to give ways as they are walking in between safety and durability. They are bound to give in a couple of months so be wiser.