48% agrees PNoy is not good example for buying Porsche

When cars and Philippine politics collide, you know it’s not combination.

A few months ago, President Noynoy bought a third-hand and almost dilapidated Porsche. The money he used to buy the car was his, yet he immediately got a lot of negative feedback from certain groups. Now the statistics have been defined and it is not so good.

Stats show that 48% of Filipinos agreed that President Noynoy Aquino was not a good example as a President after buying a Porsche even if it was with his own money. The largest agreement, 52 percent, came from the Visayas region with the highest disagreement, 44 percent from the National Capital Region.

[Article via: Philippine Star ]

One thought on “48% agrees PNoy is not good example for buying Porsche”

  1. News about our PNoy. 48% sa survey – hindi tama bumuli siya na porsche car.–Sana bumili nalang siya before president. Ngayon naghirap ang mga tao bayan dahil sa nagtaasan bilihin mga pgkain, harina,sugar, gasolina at iba pa. Tumulong nlng siya sa mga pinoy na nkalagay sa death row sa ibang bansa pra mkauwi di2 at mkasama sa knilang pamilya.

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