Auto Detailing: Just Another Term for Washover

These days, any car owner would do anything to save on high costs of a new paint job. Normally, some would turn to washovers wherein scratches and dead paint spots are covered to get your car paint closer to new. Apparently there is a new term for it and it goes by the name of auto detailing.

Auto detailing goes as far as modifying a car to its smallest chrome lining. We see it most of the time in the different small car shops, offering it at a higher price but with less waiting time. For people who cannot last long without a car, this is their best option. But maybe they should be likewise told, not following the proper curing time of cars may eventually lead to low quality output.

There are of course exceptions to this rule. There are car detailers that truly uphold the meaning of quality service. All that is left then is to choose the proper one to render the service. Regardless if it is a washover or auto detailing, the final output is still the important thing.

3 thoughts on “Auto Detailing: Just Another Term for Washover”

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