How to get a “virtually invincible” car

What makes an invincible car?

BPI Auto Loan Concept Cars

It must be:

– collision ready
– landslide equipped
– flood safe
– typhoon protected
– heat resistant
– fire guarded

A vehicle like this actually already exists… It’s called a “tank”.

But I wouldn’t want to drive along EDSA in a car clad with inches of armor and a very small windshield. I’d get claustrophobic, stiff with not much legroom, and my fuel budget would definitely shoot up.

But then I saw this ad from BPI Family Bank.

No, BPI will not finance your tank. But they will just try to make your Toyota Vios, Honda Jazz, or your other new car feel as invincible as a tank.

It’s actually a play on insurance. Get a loan from BPI Family and they will throw in free insurance (with Acts of God coverage) that will make your car collision ready, landslide equipped, flood safe, typhoon protected, heat resistant, and fire guarded.

Of course, terms and conditions apply. For more info, go to

PHOTO CREDITS: Concept cars images are owned by BPI Family Savings Bank. Images are displayed with permission from BFSB. All rights reserved.

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