No space for the light right foot

Now in these times, I am quite glad that I drive a small car with an engine capacity just a glass more than a liter bottle. But it being an automatic, it still is quite a challenge to get its fuel consumption above 9 km/l. I’ve been doing a bit of fuel-saving experiments recently especially since a gallon of premium gasoline has risen to more than 50 bucks a liter yet again.

You see you burn fuel by building up speed when you brake you simply convert all of that energy to heat. Not to mention wear out your brake pads. This is why quick cycles of acceleration and braking of city driving results in higher fuel consumption.

So what I’ve been trying to do is to brake less. I simply gauge how much speed I need to get to a point (say a speed bump) and only accelerate as much. It does take quite a lot of concentration since you need to feather your throttle just right. I tried doing this for a week and had pretty good results. Quick math gave me 10 km/l.

Too bad, driving around Metro Manila means you have to deal with some pretty impatient bastards who think that driving at 40 kph in a residential area is already too slow. So in that week alone, probably I was honked at scores of times, shouted at five times and flipped a couple of times.

Pretty irritating stuff just to get a kilometer more from a liter. Worth it?

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