Buy Local Parts for Cars

We mentioned last time that local car manufacturers were having supply problems due to the Japan Quake. If one can’t get them imported, then it’ll have to be sourced from the local suppliers.

Japan Quake 2011

According to Trade Undersecretary and Board of Investments managing head Cristino Panlilio:

“I talked with some of the car assemblers in the Philippines and I gave them an option to locally source parts and components to avoid disruptions in the supply chain,”

The effect could very well be that prices of local car supplies will go down and the imported ones will go up. As of the moment, the local sector is only operating at 60 percent capacity. However, with more demands to come in the next few days, they’ll have to increase it even further.

[Article via: Manila Standard Today | Image via: CC: Flickr – Yuichiro Haga]

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