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Why Dashcams are Essential to Young Drivers

I have 3 kids who are in college. They all drive to school. As a father, one of my biggest fears is that they encounter problems while driving.

Particularly, I am worried that my kids will be subjected to unpleasant hazards while driving like:

  1. Dishonest drivers who refuse to accept responsibility for car accidents they clearly caused.
  2. Fraudsters and unscrupulous pedestrians causing their own accidents to blackmail motorists .
  3. Hot headed drivers with road rage tendencies.
  4. Corrupt policemen harassing drivers for committing unfounded “violations”.

In my over 30 years of driving in the Philippines, I’ve had my share of encounters with these hazards and often they left me stressed, angry, or depressed for several days. In those situations, it was always my word against the other party and more often than not, we end up with either a stalemate (I’m left to fix my own damage and the other party gets scot free) or worse, I lose the argument (I pay the ticket or damages or I get hurt) due to lack of evidence for my defence.

To protect my kids from these situations, I use a dashcam.


Dashboard Cameras (or dashcams) provide useable evidence to defend the driver against the other party. If a dishonest driver or a fraudster pedestrian insists that an accident is my kid’s fault, the dash cam allows me to establish otherwise. If the “road raged” driver does anything violent, the dash cam provides evidence to file complaints against him. And if a corrupt policeman tries to harass my kid, the dashcam helps prove my child’s innocence.

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Question from a Reader: Is Cleaning Just the Car Aircon’s Evaporator Enough?

In the last post, I talked about the alternative way of having your aircon cleaned without “pulling down” the evaporator.

Some readers asked me if “cleaning the evaporator” is enough to “clean the aircon”. Apparently, experts from the “aircon shop next door” told them that aside from the evaporator, the rest of the aircon system (i.e. refrigerant lines, etc.) should also be cleaned.


As I am not an expert on aircons myself, I referred the question to a friend of mine, Mr. Ferman Lao, the “auto guru”. In one of his articles in Top Gear, he talked extensively about this concern. This is what he has to say: Continue reading Question from a Reader: Is Cleaning Just the Car Aircon’s Evaporator Enough?

carNAVi S500 – a full featured GPS Device priced below Php 10,000

In most cases, Google Maps can help you find your way around Metro Manila, but it’s definitely not as good as having a GPS device on your dashboard. I’ve always wanted one; but I purposely held off on buying one since I’m still waiting for the prices to go down. Now that the carNAVI is being sold for less than P10,000, I think it’s time for me to buy.

carNAVi S500

Photo Credit: all images in this post are by carNAVi Corp., used with permission. All rights reserved.

This month, carNAVI is launching its newest model in the S-series: the carNAVI S 500. It’s a slim 5-inch touchscreen device intended to be the best priced unit in its class.

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Honda still cautious, CAMPI is optimistic

The Philippine auto industry has undoubtedly been largely affected by the Japan Earthquake last March 2011. Most car part importers have become very cautious in predicting future sales and have decided to lower them and optimize production thru a myriad of ways.

One of these manufacturers is Honda Car Philippines, Inc.

“Currently, we are on an indefinite ‘yellow flag’ status—meaning we are on an alert mode—because of the fluidity of the situation. We will conduct a monthly review [to assess the situation],” Voltaire Gonzales, head of Honda Cars Philippines sales department…

He also said the company might not be able to reach the 17,600 units predicted this year.

However, the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) has said it will remain with its forecast since sales will pick up come the latter part of the year. According to Elizabeth Lee, CAMPI President, they will stay the course:

“Despite the difficulties we face due to the lack of supply of some vehicles and parts, we are optimistic that we will be able to recover the lost sales given the full-year outlook.”

The Philippine auto industry will know by next financial year-end report as to who was right.

Brought to you by car hire Cyprus. Article via Manila Standard Today | Image StaraBlazkova at the Czech language Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Mazda PH posts 13% sales increase

With Japanese import car parts having trouble lately, the local car manufacturers seems to be having a great quarter. One of them is Mazda Philippines as it posts a 13 percent growth this quarter compared to same period last year.

The company has sold 1,080 units in from January to April 2011, which when compared to last year, is a 13 percent increase. April has been the strongest month so far:

In April, Mazda sold a total of 236 as a result of the strong performance of the Mazda2 and Mazda3. The Mazda2 saw April sales of 94 units, up 18 percent versus the same month last year. Year-to-date sales of the popular sub-compact total 335 units, representing a 55 percent increase.

Congratulations to Mazda, we hope the other car manufacturers find a way to emulate them.

Article via Malaya Business Insight | Image By Thomas doerfer (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Flat Growth Rate Expected

According to Frank Nacua, secretary-general of the Philippine Automotive Federation Inc., the Philippine auto industry is expecting a flat sales growth this year.

“Flat growth will be expected this year for the local car industry,” Frank Nacua, secretary-general of the Philippine Automotive Federation Inc., told reporters in a chance interview. He said the industry’s growth target of 4 percent to 5 percent drawn up at the start of the year would not be possibly achieved and that a revision of goal was imminent.

This was somewhat mirrored by Elizabeth Lee, Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. president:

“Although the supply of vehicles to date is ample to meet the market demand at this time, common problems across brand makes are starting to affect the production of vehicles locally,” she said, adding that common issues include logistics and the disruption to the supply chain for some key parts.

It seems that it’s better to have lower expectations of sales rather than higher at this point of the year after how the Japan quake has affected the local auto industry.

Article via: Manila Standard Today | Image via: Open for Business

Ford offers services for out of warranty cars

If you or anyone you know has a Ford that is out of warranty, then you should check this out.

Ford Group Philippines (FGP) is offering service and original parts for out of warranty Ford car owners.

“In addition to providing world-class Ford vehicles, we continuously aim to further enhance and improve our already best-in-class customer service experience,” said David Macasadia, vice president of Ford’s customer service division. “This new campaign will help further strengthen our leading cost-of-ownership equation, and help our customers continue to feel the difference of today’s Ford.”

But that’s not all, they’ll also give free oil filters to those who’ll avail of periodic maintenance service within May.

All of this is only available for the following models bought within 2004 to 2007:

  • Escape
  • Focus
  • Ranger
  • Everest

Article via: Top Gear PH | Image By Bull-Doser (Own work.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Honda PH: No Price Hike For Now

Good news for the moment? Honda Car Philippines Inc. (HCPI) promises that there won’t be any price hike because of the low supply of car parts coming from Japan.

However, they won’t say until when the price will remain at the same rate.

“Everything is unstable at the moment,” Natsume said. Aside from the shortness in supply, he noted that the price will be dependent on foreign exchange, prices of materials and oil.

So if you’re thinking of buying that Honda vehicle, you’d better do it now as the prices of its cars may go up in the coming months.

Article via: Philippine Star | Image by StaraBlazkova at the Czech language Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Toyota Motors PH: No layoffs, 3 day workweek only

Eventhough the Japan quake happened over a month ago, the economic effects are still being felt across the shores; and the Philippines is one of them.

It has certainly affected the car manufacturers such as Honda and Ford, and they’ve done some measures to alleviate the effects. Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP) is doing its own share by not laying off anyone, but instead implementing a 3 day workweek.

Under the adjusted work schedules, the TMP production workers at its Sta. Rosa plant will operate three days on two shifts from a five-day work week on two shift operation. While the other workers go on regular shift, the others would be undergoing some training, rotate their shifts, among others.

The schedule implementation will depend on when the plants at Japan will resume full operation, reportedly at latest June this year.

[Article via: Manila Bulletin |Image via: StaraBlazcova (CC by-SA 3.0)]

Honda Cutting 50% of 2011 Production

You might be seeing lesser Honda cars being sold this year. According to Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI), it will be cutting production by half because of the damage done to the manufacturing plants in Japan as we mentioned last time.

Honda Jazz

Honda will continue to hold it together as much as they can. Despite all the problems, Honda teams throughout the Oceania region will do what they can to help alleviate the car parts issue. The Sayama Plant and Suzuka Factory will resume production of finished vehicles on April 11.

The company just resumed its production and shipping of component parts yesterday.

[Article via: The Philippine Star | Image via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)]