Contesting MMDA traffic violation tickets

MMDA deploys an army of blue-clad so-called traffic enforcers all over the metro and I hate them as much as I hate their “MMDA Labs You” tarpaulin banners which is a lot.

Motorists like me have learned to steer clear of these boys in blue. They seem to serve absolutely no other purpose than to hand out tickets to motorists erring or not. And they only seem to be around when the number coding scheme is in effect or during merienda time, otherwise they magically disappear.

Given our history of red tape, one of the most irritating things that a driver can experience on the road is to be apprehended by traffic cops and enforcers. For one, some of their charges are oftentimes absurd interpretations of traffic laws. As for MMDA traffic enforcers, I had more than one nasty encounter with them.

Here’s one instance. I was driving in one of the crazier areas of Quezon City (somewhere in the south triangle) and since I am not too familiar with the area and forgot my city atlas (a must-have for motorists) so I decided to pull over (carefully, signal lights and all) and ask one of them. I haven’t even rolled down my window when he whipped out his ticket book and started writing stuff on it. With my window down, I was then greeted with a smug, “Ser, lisensya niyo.”

It already took great humility in part as a manly man to ask for directions and the fellow returns my courtesy with a traffic ticket. In the days of old, I would have contented myself slapping that person’s face with my gloves and challenge him to a duel. But then again, those were the days of horse and buggy and traffic enforcers would’ve been more than pointless.

It’s a good thing that these MMDA boys get more than befuddled by a stream of polysyllabic words in English that he simply waved me off. And I never even got directions. Had I not been lucky that day, I would’ve gotten a juicy ticket. Rather than incovenience myself with contesting tickets with their so-called Traffic Adjudication Board, I would’ve paid. Because here’s what you have to go through to contest a citation:

  1. File a written complaint with the TAB
  2. Secure verification and clearance from data division to clear you from existing tickets
  3. Hearing officer schedules hearing and both motorist and enforcer are summoned
  4. Both parties are heard in the hearing
  5. Protest to be decided through resolution
  6. Head of TAB reviews and approves the resolution
  7. If citation is upheld, motorist deals with the fine/sanction

Here’s a video to boot.

It’s nice to see that there’s a venue to contest such charges but easily that’s at least a couple of workdays lost if you decide to go through with it. And time is more than a luxury for the working Filipino. I have yet to meet someone who has gone through the process and succeeded.

On another instance, I got a ticket for “illegal parking.” Know that pink line along sidewalks? Apparently, they’d slap you with a violation even if only an inch of your bumper encroaches the pretty pink line. That time, there was no reasoning with the enforcer since the ticket was just left pinned under my windshield wiper. I just dropped by a Metrobank branch and paid the ticket. I just kept the payment stub and a photocopy for future reference.

Anyway, my point is, if there’s one thing that these enforcers should do is to direct traffic first, watch out for violators second. But I guess that’s why Mr. Fernando elected to call them “enforcers” and not “aides”.

Tough lab.


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  1. Back in 2004 I got one of those tickets. I paid via Metrobank branch but guess what. When I renewed my license just last year 2008, LTO said I need to clear my tickets with MMDA.

    I needed to go to MMDA in Edsa very early in the morning, waiting in line for a couple of hours just to find out that their records did not show any payment of a lone violation that happened back in 2004. They asked for a receipt but of course, what will you do with a 5 year old receipt? Most probably I already threw it away.

    So to keep the story short, the only way to clear my records is to pay for the same violation the second time.

    They don’t even have systems in place to ensure that all payments to metrobank have been entered on their system.

    Bulok talaga! Sayang sa oras.

    1. I guess that’s why bribery is rampant. People would rather just pay their way off than go through hoops to settle a violation. I got a ticket once, stuck to my winsdhield wiper (Lucius is right–seems they ticket you even if your car sticks out the pink line a few inches). Paid at Metrobank a few days after. Problem solved. I was irked at first, but I took it as a lesson. And I was quite happy that they now give you the convenience of paying at any Metrobank branch.

      Now the bad thing about this is that the parking attendants at the place my car got the ticket (Katipunan Avenue) were removing the tickets from parked cars. This way, owners will not realize they have a violation ticket until it’s too late! That day, I didn’t give the parking attendants any tip. I was irked enough that I got a ticket. But what annoyed me even more is that the attendants were getting motorists into even more trouble by hiding the tickets (presumably so they will still get tipped).

    1. I think so, yes. But you know how some policemen will invent their own rules just to squeeze a few pesos out of you. I hear they get a share of violation receipts (although I’m not sure), but it’s only a small fraction of the price. So whether you bribe them or pay through the legal channels, they still get money out of apprehensions.

  2. Ever heard of those phantom MMDA tickets issued to you that only seem to pop up when registering your vehicle or renewing your license? Was afraid I’d get one of those. Well, you can check out if your plate of license has any flags by texting:

    LTO VEHICLE [plate number, no spaces]


    LTO LICENSE [license number, no spaces or dashes]

    and send to 2600.

    Costs you Php 2.50, I think.

    1. Great tip! Wish I had read this sooner. Tried it out and the cost is P2/text.

      So what to do if the MMDA text service says you’re clear and LTO says you have tickets? Thanks in advance for your immediate reply.

    2. Great tip! Wish I had read this sooner. Tried it out and the cost is P2/text.

      So what to do if the LTO text service says you’re clear and the LTO branch (SM Hypermarket) says you have a ticket? Thanks in advance for your immediate reply.

  3. now a days these mmda traffic enforcer are only bound to enforce traffick ticket and not to help motorist, they dont give a dammed, i called them ticket maniacs to tell you i got two tickets one is for lane violation in edsa going to east ave. entering puj,pub lane,you got to used binoculars to see the private lane were you were supposed to enter this 2004 i have this ticket until now, and i hate to pay for this one . the other is just recently, color coding just ten meters away from the bounderies of pasig and cainta going floodway, as if you are playing basketball a line violation call from a reff.what a consideration from men in blue of pasig.

    1. Nope. You don’t need to bring your license though you might have to jot down you license number if the ticket has your name. Chances are the ticket would be c/o your car/plate number.

  4. im going to one of those hearings tomorrow. it’s my first time to go through such thing — any tips? my boss told me to just keep my cool. hah. my license got confiscated for a counterflow violation — but i decided to contest since there was no “no entry” signs on the street (exchange road, from meralco ave, going to san miguel ave). told the ‘deputized’ dude ill just settle it at metrobank, but he said it’s a major violation and they need to confiscate my license. bad trip!

  5. Hi there,

    Just last night May 30, I was harrassed and by Makati Police for no valid reason. I was dropping off my boyfriend outside his condo which was in Skyland Plaza and we were in Tindalo Road, Just opposite AXXA building at 10pm. I was just parked behind two cars.. rather I was just stopping so technically I was just there for like 10 mins. Anyway, a makati police car pulled over and asked for my licence as apparently I was ‘ OBSTRUCTION TO TRAFFIC’! dude there was no cars around. It was 10 pm! anyway I contested and asked what was my violation and they replied it was obstruction but I asked back and said where was the traffic.

    The so called cop could not answer me and replied that he didnt have time to go through his so called ‘ books’!! He was asking for my licence without any knowledge of what traffic rule I violated. ( as if there was). Long story short, he threaten me and took my licence. I refused to give sign the ticket that he gave out, where his comments wrote: arrogant, DTO and refuse to surrender my licence. What was worse was that for some reason he noted that the event occured at 10 am. Where in fact it was at 10pm. I have security guards as witnesses to this.

    i am so appalled by this behvaior and to be honest I feel sick to my stomach whenever i have to pay my VAT and taxes.

    The next step is that I have to go to Malugay Police Station for this. Keep you guys posted.

  6. i just got back from malugay Thursday… paid my dues… and got my driver’s license back… guess what? my drivers’ license just got confiscated again… by the makati police…

    violation??? the cover of my license plate is yellowish and they cant read my license plate easily… i begged.. explained… that i didnt know… and i didnt even know such rules exist… and my license and my license plate were renewed with the cover on it…

    and in fact, i just got my driver’s license and the previous police took my license plate just fine…

    but too late… because i gladly showed my driver’s license knowing i didnt do any violance… of course, i didnt get my driver’s license back…

    you know what the police told me… “i can just give you a lower citation.” i almost cursed… ggggrrrr!!!! it was so horrible driving for another hour… seeing how every other vehicle violates traffic rules… such as stopping in the middle of the road… and i got my ticket confiscated for having a yellowish cover plate????

    i didnt want to sign the paper… but figured… i wouldnt be able to go with that… i wrote “i contest” and sign….

    and now i am researching how to contest and am pretty sure i will not be able to easily do it as easily as they took my driver’s license?

    should i contest??? what’s the point?

    can we do a class action?

    1. I believe the plate cover ruling depends on local/city jurisdictions. I’m not sure about the exact promulgations, but I’ll try to make a search. For one, I recall that clear glass plates are legal, but tinted glass plates are not. Tinted plastic plates are also not legal. I believe yellowish plate covers will fall under this.

      A tip I learned from foreign embassy/consulate websites: don’t surrender your license. Make several colored photocopies. If an enforcer asks for your license, show the original, but don’t hand it to the enforcer. I believe the MMDA no longer confiscates license. If the enforcer is from the PNP TMG or other city government, I’m not sure if this rule applies. But if they don’t have your original license, they’re less likely to hold it hostage just for you to agree to the violation.

      Remember that there are also SOPs that enforcers follow when apprehending a driver. They can’t just ask you to step down, roll down your window fully, nor forcibly get something from the inside of your car (unless they suspect a crime currently occurring).

      I’ll try to do more research on this.

      BTW, I believe its’ the Makati police or Makati city traffic police that’s quite strict with license plate covers (and a lot of other traffic rulings). Chances are, if you registered your MV at other LTO branches, they wouldn’t likely mind the tinted plastic cover. But Makati traffic police are often on the lookout for such.

  7. i was issued a traffic violation receipt for illegal parking which obviously i didnt do, i just stopped a few minutes alongside ortigas pasig bound infront of la salle coz i saw my car temp rising a bit, i stopped beside the cars parked on the sidewalk bec. i saw a lot of drivers (waiting for the dismissal of the students), in case i need help, so i flashed my hazard lights then a woman mmda just stuck a receipt on my windshield got her camera, im not so sure if she was able to take a picture but at this time, i drove away. i think this is part of their no physical contact policy, which for me is prone to abuse by the mmda. i didnt argue with her bec. at that time i wasnt feeling well coz i think my bp was high, i was afraid that if i get into an argument bka ma-stroke pa ako. do you think i have to wait for the first notice or settle the fine thru metrobank?

  8. Hi, I just got issued a traffic violation receipt yesterday with the same blueboy who issued me traffic violation receipt just last month. He said he will just limit it to obstruction instead of counterflow because counterflow is too costly. Some policemen just ignore and let us though when we counterflow because they understand there is no more u-turn in E. Rodriguez and I live in Pasig and would have to go to Tiendesitas or IPI which is already in Quezon City. That’s how far I would drive just to go back in Pasig. I admit my mistake but it’s too short or close to the place I am going. It’s funny, I was just on my way to buy pandesal that morning and there was no traffic because it’s a Sunday and it’s only around 6:30am when suddenly that blueboy with his motorbike headed towards me. They only work and suddenly shows up when it’s not hot outside. Again, it was a Sunday. He should be considerate. I just thought to myself “Nakaka awa naman” “Makakarma ka rin.” or maybe mag aral kaya ako ng pagiging MMDA mukang malakas benta dito.

  9. NEWS FEEDS: MMDA, LTO sharpen teeth against erring drivers. Pero kapag balik bayan ka, Hero’s of the country ang tingin sayo… Ang kakapal din ng mukha eh no? There’s no such thing as law abiding citizen in this country… In the States, you will notice that even police officers follow traffic signals. They don’t go on a green light just because they are officers… It’s only here in the Philippines I think, maybe in other countries they follow strict compliance too… Well, of course if you’re in pursuit then use your badge, not use your badge to collect more money from violators…

  10. I got victimized with a ticket on my windshield for that pink line. My goodness if parking is not allowed on a sidewalk, then they should’ve just cemented that to a roadside gutter instead of just leaving them with ramps and painting pink lines.

    Here’s to you MMDA chairman, I think you should fix your life because of the charges filed against you before sending your worthless blue men out there displaying your self-righteous road rules just to make up your own show in our already-struggling country. I hope you learned something from your karma with your charges and it wouldn’t stop until you understand the reason for the existence of the law.

  11. Hi, I’m so sad about what happened to the tragedy that took place about highjacking in Quirino. But still, I think we should resolve our problems first when it regards to government employee pay or MMDA fee or police fee. After the incident in Quirino grand stand, our MMDA still continues to catch violators, collect fees, instead of fixing the traffic. One time, I thought there’s something going on in C-5, but then it was just this MMDA who is apprehending a color coded vehicle past 5:30pm, almost 6:00pm. It’s really funny. Oh and by the way, when I was to redeem my driver’s license 2 weeks ago, I asked one of them how could I get a diploma in Traffic Management and some of them were laughing, are you serious? They were laughing and said there is no such thing as a degree for Traffic Enforcer and they even told me, I don’t look like one. I would just have to send my bio data and wait for the call they said. When I ask them how much is the rate? One Traffic Enforcer said it’s about 3,000 pesos and we actually get more pays on our vouchers or receipts. That’s our commission we made from each violator’s license we confiscate.

  12. Mine does not involve MMDA for I am from Ozamiz City so please pardon me. I am a passenger motorcab operator. In Manila, you have the MMDA while here in Ozamiz, we have our TMU ( Traffic Management Unit). Since the TMU is not authorized to confiscate drivers license in cases of traffic violations, they will issue Traffic Citation ticket and also detach license plate. The Police confirmed that the TMU is not authorized to confiscate Drivers License and License Plates not unless of repeated violation or vehicular accidents. The local treasurers office who handles the penalties share the same view with the police that the TMU is not authorize to confiscate Drivers License and License Plates. When I asked the TMU head about opinions of the Police and the Local Treasurers office, she said the TMU is authorized to do such things because there is a city ordinance that allows them to do it but when I politely ask her the section or number of that ordinance, she said she cant remember but she confirmed there is. The local treasurers office does not agree and so with the police for if there will be any new ordinance implemented or amended, they would also know and it would be improper for the TMU alone to have knowledge of such ordinance. I guess this is the NEW Ozamiz City where everything is Elastic including city ordinances. Sometimes I regret why I happened to have Ozamiz City as my home.

  13. I got my first illegal parking ticket. I just discovered it stuck on the car’s windshield after just leaving the car for a moment. Question: Do I have to pay this fine even if I was not attended by the traffic officer? The ticket does not contain any driver’s information, only the vehicle.

    1. Yes. You’ll have to pay the fine. The ticket is listed under the car’s license plate. So if you don’t pay, there will be a penalty when you renew registration.

  14. Went to renew my license yesterday at the LTO-Pasig SM Hypermarket branch since I did the same last 2008 and was pleased with their efficient service. Imagine my surprise when they brought up an unpaid ticked dated 2007.

    Used the LTO 2600 SMS service on my license number and guess what? No apprehensions nor alarms. I ran the plate numbers of my former vehicle just to be sure and it too had no flags. Do I make the trip to their EDSA office and pay or should I march right back to LTO-SM Hypermarket armed with a text message?

  15. Let us create a facebook page and post pictures of abusive MMDA people.

    Time to fight back. These MMDA people will cease to be ticket maniacs when they know their faces will be up in public.

  16. I got a ticket for coding in the late afternoon of august 2010, around 5:30, my mom paid the 300 pesos @the nearest bank the next day and gave me the receipt when I got home at night. When I went to renew my license this month LTO said I haven’t paid and i have to go to the MMDA office to clear it up!
    Why should I clear it up when this violation was a lone one and I had made sure it was settled as soon as possible?! LTO & MMDA should coordinate, clear it up, issue my license and apologize for their incompetence! The woman @ LTO in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth had a really nasty attitude too, really rude and unaware that she is a public servant. These people should be put in their place and these offices should function well! It s their job after all, THIS IS WHERE OUR TAXES GO!

  17. I just got a ticket for overspeeding at commonwealth and guess where their speed gun/radar (whatever you call that piece of s#1+) was at?! At the foot of the flyover where 90% of driver’s really hit the gas because you need to pick up speed when you are about to go up a flyover! They have no common sense! I have no plans of paying this ticket at all… Grrrrr!

  18. I got a mmda ticket for speeding on macapagal ave few days ago for driving speed at 75kph.
    I don’t have plan to pay for it, I will contest it, and challenge the mmda regulation which set a 60kph speed limit on that place.
    Republic act 4136 Section 36 clearly stated that “Speed limits uniform throughout the Philippines. – No provincial, city or municipal authority shall enact or enforce any ordinance or resolution specifying maximum allowable speeds other than those provided in this Act.”
    Unless this republic act is dully amended by the congress, mmda’s speed limit regulation should be declared invalid.
    Therefore the violate speed limit charge against me is baseless.

    I know the way ahead to charllege their enact would be hard. But I won’t give it up unless the highest court ruled in favor of mmda.

    Comments, encourage, advises appreciated.

  19. I was given a ticket this morning inserted in my windshield wiper. The ticket says that illegal parking when in fact I am parked infront (literally) of my house! however I am in the sidewalk (bangketa) How much will I pay? the amount was left blank and no other details added.

  20. My complaint is not issueing citation ticket and i dont know what is my violation because my driver licensed is not confiscated and i cannot remember where,when,what,why and how to commiting a mmda traffic violation.
    There was a instances to know my violation charge to me.
    one day i decided a renew my driver licensed to l.t.o but am shocking was to said to me “may huli daw po ako at ayusin ko muna dahil kahit saang brach ng l.t.o daw is i cannot renew my driver licensed and i need to do is has to attend or seminar to the mmda office because everytime daw itype ang licensed driver #.and type my name was appearing to the computer record nila is i have a something violation charges.” and asking what is my traffic violation charge to appearing to my record and when.
    said l.t.o employee is my charges it was unidentifed hnd aq makakarew and after that day im going to other brach of l.t.o and asking again but said is similar. And asking what is violation appear to my record was said again unindentified.
    Question: what i’m going to do because i want to renew and i wash and clean my name to your mmda record .?

  21. Thanks sir, madam
    To reading my problem regardless my case to charging a traffic violation without giving a citition ticket to determined my act was clarify to commit of the violation code of law and i don’t remember was who,is to arrest me and where,when,what,why,how is my specific traffic violation .

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