F1? MotoGP? NASCAR? What are the odds?

Are you a racing fan? Just how big a fan are you of the sport? Whether it’s Formula One, NASCAR, MotoGP or any international, regional or local event, racing does come with loyal followers. And we can’t help it that racing also comes with what we can consider secondary markets, or betting and booking on the side. Whether you’re rooting for Fernando or Sebastian (or maybe even Kimi), whoever turns out champion can be a numbers game as much as it is a race. Vettel is very consistent with points, as much as Alonso is up for the challenge in a weaker car. But Raikkonen silently zooms through the finish line racking up points, too.

Nascar races

On the NASCAR side of the sport, Jimmie Johnson is proving to be a tenacious leader in this season’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, as he holds onto his place at the top of both the point standings and the bookies’ odds. Johnson has led the pack for some time now, and he continues to set the pace with a thirty eight point lead over Carl Edwards as we move into the second half of the NASCAR season, which will see him remain the favorite in the eyes of many gambling on the winner of the title. However his lead has been trimmed back in recent weeks, so the title is far from being in the bag.

Betting on the races may not be for everyone, though. If you’re fond of the thrill of racing along with the thrill of winning, though, you could go for Motor Slot Speed Machine at an online casino that can offer the best of both worlds.

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