HB 1576: Slow-moving Vehicles Act

Was there ever a time that while you’re driving in the left-hand lane, you wished that the slow-moving car or scooter in front of you would just move to the right lane so you can get on your way? If yes, then you should ask Congress to pass the House Bill 1576 as soon as possible.

Manila Roads

House Bill 1576 is called the Slow-moving Vehicles Act. It’s authored by Pampanga Representative Gloria Arroyo and her son, Dato Arroyo. It basically says that if any vehicle that is moving below the required speed of a particular road, should be on the right lane. Violators will pay PHP 10,000 or 3 months driver’s license suspension.

A bit stiff but slow moving vehicles usually clog up the road for those who are in a hurry. There are even cases that they cause accidents because those who overtake them usually counterflows and hits vehicles on the opposite side of the road.

Read the House Bill here

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