Honda to recall defective Fit subcompacts

1.35 million Fit subcompacts will be recalled by Honda Motor Co around the world in order to fix defective headlights wiring.

Fit cars that were assembled in Japan from November 2001 to October 2007 are subject to the said recall. These cars were mostly from the Suzuka industrial unit of Honda.

Majority of the Fit cars, which is around 735,000 units, are from Japan. 385,000 units will be recalled in Europe where the unit is known as Jazz. There are also units from Africa, and the Middle East, and Asia including the Philippines.

The estimated cost for the recall is 3.6 billion yen or $43 million. According to a spokesman of Honda in Tokyo, there was no accident associated to the Fit cars with defects but this will bring a great impact to the auto company.


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