How To Check Vehicle Registration Through SMS

One thing I learned in my years of driving and being a car owner is that dealing with the Land Transportation Office can be a pain. This is especially so during those times in the year you have to renew your driver’s license and your motor vehicle registration. It’s not too difficult to determine the schedule for registration (which is usually based on the last two digits of your plate number). However, sometimes you find the need to check for vehicle registration, especially in times of emergency.

For instance, when I got into an accident sometime last year, I used my mobile phone to check the registration details of both my car and the other vehicle involved. This helped determine if the plate matched with the vehicle, if the registration was valid, and if there was no LTO alarm (such as carnapping) on the vehicle. This technique for checking registration is also helpful, to some extent, when checking used cars before buying. Although the registered name does not appear, you can at least check if there are any LTO “alarms.”

The procedure is fairly straightforward. You just send an SMS to 2600 with the following keywords:


where ABC123 is the plate number. You will then get a response detailing the car’s brand, make, year, color, and date of last registration. Now this won’t necessarily tell you whether the registration is still current or expired, but based on the plate’s endings, you can at least estimate if it is valid for the current year.

You can also check license details by texting this to 2600:


where XXXXXXXXX is the license number. This can be pretty useful when checking for the driver’s identity and validity of the license.

To get motor vehicle transactions and keywords, send “LTO MV” to 2600. For other permit and transactions, send “LTO DL” to 2600. Each message costs PhP 2.50.

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  1. i did the plate verification and received the following info:

    Plate No.: multiple./Make:/Model:/Year:/Color:/ Registered last, has no LTO apprehension,has no LTO alarm.

    **seems that there is no registered name/info…does it mean that my car wasn’t properly registered?

    1. It’s possible that the LTO office you registered your vehicle with most recently was offline. When and where did you register? Is it a relatively new car?

  2. It’s possible that the LTO office you registered your vehicle with most recently was offline. When and where did you register? Is it a relatively new car?

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  4. Is it possible to track the owner of the vehicle even if I was not able to get the plate number. I just remembered the color and the brand of the car.and the 1st 2 letters of the plate number. Can it help?

    1. You might have to ask the police for help, if it’s a criminal or legal matter. Otherwise, I’m afraid the LTO SMS system won’t be able to help you. At any rate, even if you have the complete license plate #, the SMS system doesn’t show the name of the registered owner.

    1. Hi Edwin. Registered names are not included for a purpose. It will be an invasion of privacy if LTO were to give that information to the public. If you’re purchasing a vehicle and want to check for registration details, SMS will be the first step to see if the registration is current, and if there are any alarms (like carnapping or violations). But if you want to check the registration details like name, it’s best to check with LTO.

  5. This really works. even though it doesn’t indicate the owner of the vehicle, but it is really a big help. saves time. thanks for the info.

  6. gud day po! i bought a second hand car last december 2010, so far i found no problems about it but i just want to make sure that this car that i bought is not a hot car? i can not access the vehicle check on text. how can i check the previous record of it?

    1. The SMS check is only good as an initial check, although it will indicate if there are any “alarms” or “flags” on the vehicle (such as a carnapping report). For due diligence, it’s best you go to LTO to have the papers and car checked.

  7. i would like to thank LTO for their effort by providing car buyer with their vehicle verification sys. now it’s easier to buy second hand cars without doubt

  8. I want to buy a used 2003 and above SUV when I will be coming home to the PI next month, how long does it take to register the vehicle in your name and what are the requirements to register the vehicle. How do you know if the car has not been in a flooded area and is not a hot car?
    Do you need a vehicle insurance to register it to LTO? Do you have to register the vehicle according to the plate number or in the area of your residence?

    1. Requirements for registration:
      1. 1st Deed of sell of vehicle signed by both parties with
      2. 2 nos. of government ID’s of the seller 3 photo copies with 3 countersigned by the seller (drivers license and SSS ID)
      3. make sure that you notarized the deed of sell to public attorney
      4. LTO registration form
      5. get a Thrird Party Liability insurance (TPL)
      6. Smoke test (optional) if needed
      6. PNP clearance of the Vehicle
      7. submit to LTO registration office

  9. Sir, I just want to know if the vehicle registration verification through SMS is still working or still functioning? Wala na kasi response eh. Thanks

    1. Still working as of yesterday. Last week, 2600 replied with errors, but this week it seems fine.

      1. what exactly does this “Cagayan plate” mean when buying a car in Manila? sounds like a problem when registering it as a new owner

  10. just asking po kung tama ito, i purchase the car last Mar 24, 2012 pero ang binigay na plate number ay 210, dba po ang pag renew ng registration ay base sa last 2 digit ng plate, so since 10 ang last 2 digit lumalabas na October sya dapat renew na naman?

  11. just ask lang po kung tama itong plate number na binigay nila sa akin, i purchased the car Mar 24, 2012 pero ang binigay na plate number 210..

  12. Sir may I ask if possible po ba ako magpa register ng motor kahit hindi nakapangalan sakin yung vehicle. wala kasi siya dito eh.

    1. no problem registering a vehicle under the name of another person just as along as you have the original CR(cert of Registration) and original OR(previous year’s registration.

  13. Last may 24, 2012 was the last time I get response. By May 28 until now I dont get any response. What transpired last may 25 was someone trying to retrieve my car duplicate documents at Mandaluyong ext. office where I caught them making the request. Immediately I wrote a letter to the chief to hold any transaction pertaining to registration or change of name. just now I txted again, but i dont get the response i do get before. Any idea whats happening?

  14. sir pwede po ba malaman kung ilang days po ang verification ng new engine at transfer ng owners name ng car …ipinalakad ko po kasi sa tao lang pero hangang ngayn dipa nairenew ang rehistro ng car almost two weeks na ang nakaraan

  15. Hello,

    My last registration was last March 08, 2010. This year I will need to renew my car registration. Do I need to renew my registration on or before the said date?

    Thanks in advance

  16. paki check naman po kung saang distrct office issued ang plate no. ON8008 motorcycle at ano po status? under what name po? thank you po.

  17. sir sinubukan ko magverify through sms, reply lang ay No record found. P2.50/text..X01 Walang sinabi kung no derogatory record, wala ba talagang ganung plate no.?

  18. sir i send msg through 2600 but i didn’t recieved any reply,is it still working?kac i want to check the details of a certain car w/ plate no. WNB 373, can you assist me? kac gusto kung bilhin.thanks..

  19. If you own a vehicle with license plate number ending in the numbers below, you should renew your vehicle registration during the corresponding months.

    1 – January 2 – February 3 – March 4 – April 5 – May 6 – June 7 – July 8 – August 9 – September 0 – October

    The scheduled week of registration shall follow the middle number of your plate.Failure to register on or before your scheduled week of registration entails an LTO fine of P200. 1, 2, 3 – 1st week 4, 5, 6 – 2nd week 7, 8 – 3rd week 9, 0 – 4th week

  20. IF ever po na may makabasa nang message ko na ito na taga L.T.O PO, sana po pag may nagparehistro po na yamaha mio soul gray, with plate number 9199 uh, pakihold po muna, may alarma na po ako sa taguig police…. naibigay ko rin po saknila ang number ko if ever na may magparehistro nito…. clasmate ko po kac ang nagnakaw nitong motor ko, sna matulungan nio po ako, na taga L.T.O po at sa mga nakakabasa po nito, basta mag kol nalang po kau sa taguig police salamat po……. sa ANCAR po kau mag kol kay sir dennis

  21. paano ko mapapayeyellow plate yung motor na kinuha ko sa financing kung wala sa financing yung or cr ng motor ko…… kailanga ko na kc para sa toda…..

  22. Good day Sir!
    Ask ko po, nag inquire po ako sa LTO through text ng Plate no. And ang Unit is Mitsubishi Mirage color gray and year model 2014. Pero and lumabas po ay ang Make is YAMAHA/Year Model 1983/ color Red/ last registered 7/23/2010. Samantalang Kotse naman po yung unit na nakita ko po.
    Thanks po and more power!

  23. Pahelp nmn sa OR generated ng LTO nkaintcate na Plate no. 13****
    Then sa baba my nkatype written na NA 5****
    Ung nka type writer na figures un ung white plate n nkaatach sa motor pro nung venirify ko s sms 2600 no record found ang lmlbas pro ung nsa or n nkgenrate gling LTO yan nmn ang lmlbas ung s baba. Ano po ibig sbhn nian

    Plate No.: multiple./Make:/Model:/Year:/Color:/ Registered last, has no LTO apprehension,has no LTO alarm.

  24. I registered my motorcycle last sept. 9,2015 my motorcycle’s plate no. is AA55495, should I register this month? If I register on May pa, because the last digit is 5, will there be penalty and how much? What’s the best way to do in order to avoid being penalized? Thanks

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