How to Preserve Your Tire Tread for a Longer Period of Service

While prices of goods are going up, job salaries are stagnant. Most businesses are tight and everyone is looking for ways to live economically. One way to save money is to keep your car’s proper maintenance. And where’s the best place to start than the tires that supports the motion of the car? This article will tackle the things that we can do to preserve our tire tread for a longer period of service.

1. Always check your tire pressure.

Friction from driving down the road increases the heat or air pressure in a tire. Make sure that you’re still driving with the suggested tire pressure provided by the car’s manufacturer. By having a regular upkeep, you help cut down on the friction between the car and the road you are driving on, consume less fuel and prevent you from hurting the tires.

2. Rigorously rotate your tires.

As each tire carries a different load depending on the passengers and things accommodated by the car, rotating your tires will help your tires wear evenly. This means changing where the individual tires are mounted on the vehicle. Since the front tires generally wear much more quickly than the rear ones, it’s a good idea to interchange them regularly before considering buying new ones eventually.

3. Always check your tires for foreign objects.

Foreign objects often penetrate our tires due to the roads we travel on. Examples are small rocks, gums, wires, broken pieces of glass, pins and other debris which are attached to the tires. These objects will damage the tires and they can be causes of tire explosion which can lead to accidents.

4. Avoid rough roads.

Most people find it harder to walk on rocky roads that sometimes spoil their footwear. The same is true with cars. Driving on rough and bumpy roads can damage your tires. As well, the dirt or gravel will reduce your gas mileage up to 30%.

Realize that you are not king of the road; moderation is. Don’t step on the gas further than what is needed. Step on the brakes with ease. Also, traveling fast in low gears puts heavier weights on tires and can consume up to 45% more fuel than is needed.

Tires are what hold the body of the car. Maintaining them well can be a matter of life and death, both for you and your vehicle. Take proper care of your tires and preserve them by conducting regular and consistent checks.

Maintaining your car will require tools and equipment. For these needs, you can check out Harbor Freight Tools, which carries power tools, automotive maintenance tools, gardening supplies, and such. Air compressors at Harbor Freight are one particular set of tools useful for any car owner, in cleaning out dust and particles from the engine bay, and for checking tire inflation.

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