Is casa maintenance worth it?

With my next PMS (preventive maintenance service) coming up, I’m beginning to think whether or not having the car “casa” (or dealership service) maintained is the most economical way of owning a car. If you’re driving a five-year old car or older, the quick answer will be no. Casa maintenance won’t be worth it. But for cars under warranty, should you risk it?

Let’s face it. Casa maintenance usually costs higher since they charge for each and every work and you have no choice between repair or replace since casa, and you’d be stuck with genuine parts too.

Here’s an interesting take on choosing between dealer service or other car shops. Summarized are the factors to consider:

  • Cost – Casa maintenance will (almost) always be higher both in parts and service charges.
  • Warranty Conditions – Warranties are usually voided when you have the car maintained elsewhere. Is it practical to waive  three-year protection to save thousands of pesos?
  • Quality of Work – Dealerships usually have trained personnel and the proper equipment to diagnose your car though this isn’t a guarantee that the dealership will do a fine job with the car.
  • Speed of Work – Dealerships take their time in keeping your car while in service.

Aside from the warranty, all indications point to having the car maintained elsewhere. However, if you decide to do so while the car is under warranty, weigh the risks of the major parts of the car (the engine and transmission) giving out and the savings you’d get on having your car maintained some place else. Me? I think I’m sticking with the casa until my warranty expires.

Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Is casa maintenance worth it?”

  1. Me too. I’m sticking with casa for the next two years. It’s like procuring an insurance policy, you are buying “peace of mind”. Also, complete casa records command high resale value.

  2. It depends on the car and how new it is. If you buy a BMW or Benz it’s usually best to have it fixed at the dealer. If you can find an independent mechanic who can do it cheaper then you can definitely save lots of money.

  3. Depende sa CASA and depende sa pagagawa mo.
    I experienced bad service from one of the dealer but buti na lang I found another dealer na okay ang service.

    Sa depende sa ipapagawa, example is detailing. Mas mahal sa CASA e kaya prefer ko sa labas na lang. At saka di nman ma vo void ang warranty pag ganun lang ang work and nirecommend pa nang taga CASA na kung gusto ko daw sa labas na lang. kasi aware din naman sila na mas mahal pag sa kanila.

    pero pag maselan ung ipapagawa mo like mga cable etc. sa CASA na lang para sure na di ma vo void ang warranty.

  4. how about kung change oil lang? my car reached it’s 20,000 kms tsaka 11 months old pa lng sya sakin..Is it worth it kung sa casa or pwede na sa talyer?

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