LTFRB cancels bus franchise of De la Fuente’s firm, 2 others due to November bus strike

Domino effect:

(a) Congestion of heavy traffic on major thoroughfares especially on EDSA.

-> (b) In response, the implementation of the odd-even number-coding scheme.

-> -> (c) Bus operators protested the inclusion of buses in the new scheme.

-> -> -> (d) On November 15, 2010, a metro-wide bus strike paralyzed the commuters and caused them to be stranded for hours.

-> -> -> -> (e) As a repercussion, the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) canceled the franchise of bus companies who participated in the transport strike.

First on the list of LTFRB’s wrath is the Philippine Corinthian Liner Corp. (107 operating bus), which is owned by singer Claire de la Fuente. Its certificate of public convenience and necessity (CPCN) was canceled.

The other participating bus companies ES Transport (10 units) and Bovjen Transportation Services (16 units) had their franchise suspended for three and six months respectively.

[via Inquirer]

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