Mercedes-Benz’s real invisible car — something to look out for!

Last March, luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz rolled out the closest thing you can get to an “invisible” car today.

Built specifically for an environment-related marketing campaign, Mercedes covered one side of a B-class hatchback with some flexible LED panels. On the other side, a Canon digital SLR was set up to capture the “hidden view” (areas obstructed by the car itself). The camera then streamed a live video feed which was displayed on the LED panels, thereby making the car “invisible” at certain angles.

It actually looks amazing. Here’s a video courtesy of Mashable.

Sorry guys, the invisible car is not really for sale. But it does prove that the concept of invisibility using a camera and a screen can work. Who knows, with improvements in LED screens and cameras, the invisible car may soon become a reality.

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