MMDA on a Shame Campaign vs. Overspeeders

Overspeeders beware! The MMDA will be posting your vehicles on its site.

Besides taking a picture of overspeeding cars and sending notices to the violators, the Metro Manila Development Authority will be posting it on their site for everyone to see.

“Our campaign against speedsters will have no let-up. We will continue going after violators for the protection and safety of the public, specifically the pedestrians and commuters,” MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said.

But the question remains: there were no details included. Why the shame campaign in the first place? Will this deter potential violators from doing it again? What if the violator has already paid his dues, will the picture be instantly taken down?

[Article via: Sun Star | Image via: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)]

One thought on “MMDA on a Shame Campaign vs. Overspeeders”

  1. It’s a very interesting way to punish speeders. I can’t imagine that posting pics of speeding offenders would fly here in the U.S though. However, speeding is a serious issue; many fatalities occur because of reckless and speeding.

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