MMDA shuns suggestions to raise Commonwealth Ave 60-kph speed limit

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has been receiving suggestions for the past two days since the implementation of the 60-kph speed limit along the 12.4-km Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. Despite of the calls to increase the limit, MMDA is firm on the new traffic rule.

MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino mentioned that the 60-kph limit is one of the ways to diminish the number of fatalities and road accidents along the avenue that had been referred to as a “killer highway” because of the great number of recent casualties along the area.

Lane assignment system has also been ruled out to reduce traffic jams. Buses should take the two rightmost lanes, jeeps and motorcycles on the next two lanes, the other lanes for the private vehicles, and the leftmost lane for the vehicles which are taking a U-turn.


One thought on “MMDA shuns suggestions to raise Commonwealth Ave 60-kph speed limit”

  1. MMDA wala po b kayong solution sa sobrang trapik sa katipunan avenue Q.C. early morning and afternoon, ang Miriam C. po ang cause ng trapic. bakit d gawin ang entrance ng Miriam ay tatlo? d po ba

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