MMDA to Ban Commonwealth Ave U-Turns at Elliptical Road?

I’ve been getting mixed signals from the signages at Commonwealth Avenue the past few days. It looks like the MMDA has set up No U-Turn signs near the area where Commonwealth ends at Elliptical road in Quezon City. However, there are also signs that say U-Turn and All Traffic ->.

Which is which?

The authorities have recently blocked the “No U-Turn” and “All Traffic ->” (all traffic turn right) signs, but they’re currently doing some construction. They’re probably going to construct a dedicated U-Turn slot to help prevent accidents or congestion between U-turning vehicles and Elliptical road traffic.

Elliptical road is actually one big, giant rotunda with 8-lanes and no islands in between. The thing is, there are 30 Kph max speed signs all around, but the average speed around the circle is about 60 Kph. Elliptical can be a challenge for new drivers, especally with buses (and also private vehicles) swerving across inner and outer lanes when exiting and entering the rotunda.

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