MMDA to Enforce 60 KPH Speed Limit [Metro Manila Development Authority Sets 60 KM Per Hour Speed Limit on Major Metro Manila Roads]

Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City has often been branded as Metro Manila’s killer highway, given the number of accidents and incidents that occur in any given day. With up to than 18 lanes at its widest points (9 lanes each side), Commonwealth Avenue is surely a tempting place to drag race or at least to drive fast.

Unfortunately, Commonwealth is also littered with road hazards, such as U-turn slots, concrete barriers for designated passenger loading lanes, and the like. Even with pedestrian footbridges, some people opt to gamble their lives and cross the wide road at street level. Commonwealth avenue is also home to several city and provincial public utility vehicle lines, like buses and jeepneys, which often stop at loading stations, but sometimes indiscriminately load and unload passengers along the highway.

Given these, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has decided to implement a 60 KPH speed limit along the street.

Traffic enforcers have already installed speed limit signs along the road, and has soft-launched the limit this week, meaning motorists who are apprehended are given a warning. Actual apprehensions and fines will be implemented by January 31.

First offenders will be given a warning, while a PhP 1,200 fine will be meted to those who are on their second offense. Meanwhile, third offenders will have their license suspended. If the apprehended vehicle is a public utility vehicle, then the franchise will also be revoked upon the third offense.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino says the agency will deploy about 140 traffic enforcers along the 12.4 Km stretch of road, and some of these will carry speed radars, to determine speeders.

3 thoughts on “MMDA to Enforce 60 KPH Speed Limit [Metro Manila Development Authority Sets 60 KM Per Hour Speed Limit on Major Metro Manila Roads]”

  1. How do you know if it is a first offender, do you put any remarks on the o.r. of the license? I’m a first offender, I was apprehended in Macapagal Avenue yesterday. I started in Edsa turn left to Macapagal goin to Cavite. A few kms. before I reached DFA, my speed went to around 69kph in few seconds, then i slow down to 60kph, suddenly I was stopped. They told me my speed was 69kph, I don’t deny it but im a first offender but they immediately issued a ticket. The motorcycle unit is T/A3 FULGAR J.. We will follow the rules but you should also follow you procedure. ” FIRST OFFENDERS VERBAL WARNING”. I want to ask if I could contest this?

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