Automotive Fashion Disasters We Would Like to See Disappear (3rd of a series) — Mugen RR / Evo X Bodykit

This series is written by Ice Man, a well known personality in the auto performance tuning circuit. Often a judge in major car shows held nationwide, he is regarded as an expert in car enhancements and styling. Much like Dr. Gregory House on TV, Ice Man is borderline arrogant, painfully critical, and definitely one of the best in the motoring field.


WARNING: If you are reading this and have any of the products mentioned, I’m sorry for being too critical but it doesn’t change the fact that your car still looks “passe” and “uncool”.

Auto Fashion Disaster No. 3: Mugen RR / Evo X Bodykit

Ok, this is pretty brand specific for the Honda and Mitsubishi camps; but come on, this is so last 3 YEARS AGO fashion.

The bodykit industry is very much like the fashion industry: everyone wants the latest look that comes out of the runaway — in this case — the car show.

As with fashion, being first has its price. From a high of P175,000 for a complete Mugen or Evo X kit 2 years ago, now it can be had for as little as P35k, painted!

So do yourself a favor, realize quickly that you’re not fooling anyone. Your car is not an Evo nor is it made by Mugen; and if you can’t afford to own a real Evo or Mugen, don’t try too hard — posers rarely get respect.

Next up: Vortex Generator/Shark Fin Antenna…

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