Nissan Offers Low DP Promos & Extra Features on Sentra 200 & X-Trail CVT

Nissan Motor Philippines is currently running a low-downpayment promo for various models, which also include upgraded features for the same price, like leather seats, parking assist camera and multimedia system. Check it out.

  • Nissan Sentra 200 6MT – PhP 99,999 d/p
  • Nissan Sentra 200 CVT (now with leather seats) – PhP 118,000 d/p
  • X-TRAIL 2.0 AT 4×2 – PhP 160,000 d/p
  • X-TRAIL CVT 2.5 AT 4×2 – PhP 220,000 d/p
  • X-TRAIL CVT 2.5 AT 4×4 – PhP 260,000 d/p

Low monthly offers are also available for 30% and 50% downpayment options.

Check out the press release after the jump.

“More is Less” with Nissan Sentra200 and X-TRAIL CVT

Additional vehicle features minus the cost

Offering customers a respite from the escalating prices of most commodities today, Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) launched a selection of attractive financing packages that include low down payment, low monthly amortization, free monthly amortization and zero percent interest terms for the all-new Sentra200 and X-TRAIL CVT.

As an added bonus, the two vehicles are now equipped with new features. For only P99,000 downpayment, one can drive away in an all-new Sentra200 6MT, now fitted with alloy wheels. Indulge in the enhanced interiors of the Sentra200 CVT variant – now with leather seats – at a more affordable downpayment of P118,000.

Enjoy mobility and entertainment in one with the new X-TRAIL CVT’s multimedia system with reverse camera. Long drives will never be a bore again – play DVDs or music with the iPod-ready multimedia system, featuring a 6.5” TFT LCD screen. Motorists will always be in touch with the hands-free calling and nationwide touch screen navigation system. What’s more, the multimedia system doubles as a reverse camera that features a safety CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) with night vision feature that can simplify parking, even in tight spaces.

Customers can enjoy maximum value for money with the X-TRAIL’s low down payment scheme, offering as low as P160,000 for the X-TRAIL 2.0 AT 4×2, P220,000 for the X-TRAIL CVT 2.5 AT 4×2 and P260,000 for the X-TRAIL CVT 2.5 AT 4×4. Made even more exciting, this offer comes with an all-in package, entitling customers to free one-year comprehensive insurance, free three-year LTO registration, and free chattel mortgage fee.

Practical and budget-conscious buyers can also experience the benefits of a light monthly plan for both models – as low as P7,900 for the Sentra200 6MT, P8,900 for the Sentra200 CVT, P10,500 for the X-TRAIL 2.0 AT 4×2, P13,500 for the X-TRAIL CVT 2.5 AT 4×2 and P15,500 for the X-TRAIL CVT 2.5 AT 4×4 – all for up to 60 months with 50% down  payment.

Another irresistible payment option is the free monthly amortization – get up to 10 months free out of the regular 60-month term, with just 30 percent downpayment for the Sentra200. Meanwhile, purchasing any X-TRAIL variant comes with free four monthly payments, also at 30 percent downpayment.

Customers who will choose to avail the zero percent interest term can enjoy it for up to 24 months with 50 percent down payment for all variants of Sentra200 and X-TRAIL.

All transactions under these payment schemes are subject to bank approval.

Don’t get left behind – experience the Sentra200 and X-TRAIL CVT. For more information, visit, or inquire at any of the Nissan dealerships nationwide.

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  1. If you buy a car like this should have savings you do not owe to someone so that you have your fantasy car.

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