Not speed but driving style

The MMDA has been hell bent on arresting each and every speedster driving along Commonwealth Avenue and I don’t fully agree with them on how to make the “killer highway” safer. Speeding, they say, is a textbook case of reckless driving. Again, I don’t agree.

Sure, almost all of the collisions on Commonwealth involves idiotic and reckless drivers but to focus solely on speeding as a manifestation of recklessness is unfair to drivers who can speed up responsibly.

If you can stay within your lane and allow for the proper stopping distance needed between you and the vehicle up front, you can definitely safely drive even at speeds in excess of 100 kph. If every driver out there can do this, then there’s really no real problem upping the speed limit.

Besides, modern cars can safely go beyond that speed and have way better stopping power and shorter stopping distances since the old highway codes and manuals were written.

The real problem is that most of the other drivers with whom you share the load are idiots with kamikaze driving styles. The MMDA should just focus their attention on these idiots.

I say that the MMDA should focus their efforts not (solely) on speeding but on jerks who have erratic or truly reckless driving styles. Drivers who do not yield for right of way. Drivers who change lanes abruptly and not using signal lights. Motorcyclists who weave through traffic. PUV drivers who can’t stay within their designated lanes.

Thing is, given their equipment and capability, catching speeding vehicles through their speed guns is probably the MMDA’s most profitable venture to date. At Php 1,200 per pop, they are bound to make millions in a week at their claimed rate of apprehension.

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2 thoughts on “Not speed but driving style”

  1. Over speeding is on of the most common car accidents. I don’t know why drivers do that. Is it because they are in a hurry? But I don’t think so. Everybody is in a hurry. Some teenage guys think that it is fun to drive fast. But it often leads to accidents. We should ll be careful.

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