Pinoy’s rattan and bamboo car makes a splash at Milan show

Pinoy car designer makes a splash at Milan. The designer, Kenneth Cobonpue, is known more for his furniture designs, but his car design made of rattan, bamboo, steel, and carbon fiber has impressed the organizers at the “Imagination and Innovation” exhibit in Via Tortona.

The car named Phoenix, was supposed to project “this era’s thrust towards artisanship and craftsmanship, biodegradability and environment-friendliness, as opposed to assembly-line production and high technology—the contrast between man’s handiwork and machine.”

The car took only 10 days to build in Cebu.

The only missing component is the engine. However, Cobonpue was focused more on other things:

“This is to show people that our design aesthetic goes beyond furniture, that as Asian we can extend even to designing transportation,”

I hope that this will inspire others in further designing and creating a car shell that will be friendly to the environment.


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