Quick Fix: Reducing the Carbon Emission of your Car

There is still time for us Filipinos to help the environment by reducing the carbon emission of our cars. Here are some helpful pointers on doing so.

Change the bulbs. Save four times the energy with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s). These lamps even last eight times longer.

Inflate the tires regularly. For every liter of fuel, you save 2.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Radial tires work the best because they save up to 7% of fuel.

Drive less. Your car is an important asset but do not forget the health benefits of walking and biking. Commute through public transport once in a while. Driving less means saving 3 kilograms of carbon dioxide for every 10 kilometers of not driving.

Move up your A/C thermostat. In essence, just use your A/C when needed at the level that you find most comfortable. Save about 3 kilogram of carbon dioxide per day of driving.

Never hesitate on taking small yet helpful steps on reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. In the end, everyone of us will benefit.

[via Light Green]

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