News: A real flying car to hit the market by end year. Place your reservations now!

Many have failed trying to build a flying car. Traditionally, they start with a car and try to make it fly. Terrafugia, a US company, did it differently. They took a small plane and tried to make it “street-legal”. This is what they came up with…

And so far, it works! Terrafugia’s Transition® completed its successful first flight  in New York last March. Not yet impressed? Consider the following:

  1. It can be driven on roads and highways.
  2. It can be parked in a single car garage.
  3. It flies using unleaded automotive fuel
  4. It has crumple zones, airbags, and full vehicle parachute
  5. It seats 2 with extra space for luggage and a golf bag.

It’s just slightly bigger than the current Ford Expedition. And if you consider fuel efficiency, the specs sheet indicates that you can get as much as 14 Km. per Liter (35 miles per gallon) on the road (highway) with a top speed of 105 Km. per hour.

Built in the U.S., it’s scheduled to begin limited commercial deliveries by end of this year. The anticipated price tag is $279,000 and you can already place a reservation for US$10,000. So far, around 100 units have already been reserved.

Vying to be classified in the U.S. as a “Light Sport Aircraft” and a Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle, a “Sport Pilot License” would be required to fly this vehicle.

In the Philippines though, we’re not sure if this will be allowed for the road or in the air. But don’t worry, as soon as we find out, we will tell you as well.

To see the vehicle, visit Terrafugia:

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