Review: Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

In this day and age of economic difficulty, you can’t help but be practical with just about everything. You try to minimize costs, and you try to stretch each and every Peso as much as you can. The same idea trickles down to just about anything from grocery shopping, eating out, buying clothes, and even buying cars.

If you’re on a tight budget, going for a second hand auto might be one option, with a lot of five to ten year old cars going for PhP 200 thousand to PhP 350 thousand and so forth. But when you think of maintenance costs, nothing beats a brand new car. You might be better off putting that money into the down payment. Paying the monthly dues would probably be better (and sometimes cheaper) than monthly repair and maintenance expenses you would be shelling out regularly with an older car.

In terms of practicality, there are three things you would usually look for: utility, ease of maintenance and fuel consumption. In the local market, there are usually two main competitors, which are the Honda City and the Toyota Vios. They are in the same price range (although the City retails a bit higher), have similar fuel consumption ranges, and similar carrying capacity. Both are offered in 1.3 and 1.5 liter displacement engines: VTEC engine for the City and VVT-i engine for the Vios. What’s great is that both brands carry high resale value in the local market.

The past few weeks, I’ve been able to review the E variant Toyota Vios. Featured in review photos is the “Azure” Blue variant. The E variant in the Philippine market is basically similar to the entry-level J variant in that they both run on a 2NZ-FE 1.3 liter engine, but unlike its spartan sibling, the E variant has the following features:

  • power windows,
  • central door locks,
  • 14″ alloy wheels,
  • Anti-lock braking system,
  • protective side mouldings,
  • driver’s-side airbag,
  • Toyota Vehicle Security System,
  • a different stereo head-unit.

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

The higher-end G variant gives you 15″ alloy wheels, foglamps, side-mirror turn signal lamps, rear disc brakes, and leather-bound steering-wheel with stereo remote-control. And of course, the G variant comes in manual and automatic transmission. You also have a choice of leather vs. fabric seats in the A/T variant. The Vios also comes in the S variant, which comes stock with sporty body kits ducktail spoilers, ten-spoke 17″ wheels and HID headlamps.

Now as with most reviews here, I won’t focus too much on the technical aspects of the car. Perhaps I can leave that to the more experienced auto reviewers (such as this review on Big Big Car). But let’s focus on the review from an everyday driver’s point of view.

Ride comfort

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

From someone used to a bigger ride, the Vios might at first be a jarring experience. With a shorter wheelbase than most compact cars, you tend to feel road bumps and humps more. Furthermore, the Vios’ suspension is a bit stiffer, compared to, say, the Corolla Altis, especially owing to the non-independent torsion beam rear suspension. I hear, though, that the Vios’ suspension is built for durability, and so I have no qualms against that. Also, the 2nd generation suspension is said to be softer than the 1st generation. So even if it doesn’t have the dampening capabilities of bigger vehicles (such as the recently test-driven Ford Everest or the Nissan Grand Livina, for instance), it’s good enough for a subcompact sedan, in my opinion.

If you’re used to riding the 1st generation (and also the facelifted 1.5 generation) Vios, you would appreciate the added comfort level of the 2nd generation Vios, which is said to have been upgraded in terms of ride comfort. While the 1st gen Vios was built for handling, the 2nd gen is better at comfort. The 2nd gen is heavier by about 100 kilograms, so you won’t win at drag races against the 1st gen, but you will have a more comfortable ride.


2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

Judging from personal experience and from comments from other Toyota users, the 2nd generation Vios offers ample amount of space, which is good enough for a small family. The Vios is said to have bigger cabin space than the previous-generation Corolla Altis and the 1st and 1.5th generation Vios, and almost the same space as the current Corolla Altis. This is achieved through a cab-forward design, and the flat rear floor, which is really a boon for anyone sitting at the middle at the back.

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

My wife and I have two elementary school aged kids and a new baby, and we comfortably fit in the car. The trunk space is shorter than our Corolla, but this doesn’t stop us from fitting in our MacLaren Techno XLR stroller (umbrella-type) in the trunk, plus the kids’ bags and other accessories. The trunk is shorter and narrower (as compared to a Corolla’s, for instance) but a bit taller. It’s not as big as the latest generation Honda City‘s trunk, though (which is, to say, very big!).

Being used to a bigger car, I noticed, though, that the seats are a bit smaller than what I’d been used to. They call the seats “body hugging” but it’s only now that I realized this meant “smaller!” It needs a bit getting used to, but once you do get used to the smaller seat dimensions, you would be comfortable enough with it. Driver’s side seating position is good enough–the height is adjustable, but I doubt anyone would want to increase seat height, as this might reduce driving comfort (a higher center of gravity might increase the likelihood of carsickness).

Build quality and creature comforts

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

The solid thud when closing doors seems to be indicative of good build quality. That’s quite a feat from a “made in the Philippines” car (as printed out in a label inside the trunk). One thing I notice, though, which is also evident in Toyota’s other Asian-market vehicles like the IMV Innova, Fortuner and Hi-Lux is the prevalence of hard, cheap-feeling plastic. My old Corolla had some luxury feel to it–at least the plastic is soft and padded!

Still, I don’t think one can complain, given the affordability of the car. It’s not totally a utilitarian affair. The 2nd generation Vios does offer a host of creature comforts. First is the presence of a handful of cup holders and bottle holders. The front cup holders are situated right under the air conditioning vents, which is obviously meant to help keep drinks cool (if you’re drinking hot coffee, then perhaps you can just close the vents). Each front door pocket also has a bottle holder. Even the pockets at the front of the gearshift on both driver and passenger side has bottle holders. The rear only has one cup holder, though, and this has sometimes proved to be troublesome when my two older kids are seated at the back.

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

Under the steering column, I was surprised to find another small cubby hole, which is probably meant for sunglasses, ID cards, and the like. And what’s a car without a ticket holder for those gas receipts, toll booth coupons and bills for paying the parking. Only one of the sunvisors has a mirror, though, and it’s situated at the driver’s side! Hmm. Maybe the car is designed for the ladies, after all!

In car entertainment

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

The Vios E comes with a 2DIN integrated-type stereo system, which means it’s built-into the instrument panel. The Vios E’s stereo can play MP3 files (unlike the J, which only has a CD player), which means you can burn your compilation playlists, which is what I did. What’s great with MP3 playback is that you see the ID3 tag details right on the stereo’s screen–perfect for finding that right song. Since starting this review, I haven’t used my iPod much, as I mostly play our favorite iTunes playlists burned onto CD-R.

Security and Safety

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

The Vios 1.3 E comes with Toyota Vehicle Security System (TVSS), which is basically just your keyless entry system. It’s not as sophisticated as third party systems, because it will only sound the alarm when the doors and trunk are opened, and not when glass is broken, or cut, or when the body is tapped or hit. Other Asian market Vioses comes with immobilizer keys (meaning the car will only start if the key inserted has the correct transmitter chip), but our local variants don’t.

TVSS will be adequate if you’re not too security conscious. But if you are, I suggest you upgrade your alarm system (having an upgrade installed at the casa will not void your electrical warranty as long as you have them note this in the service booklet). It’s also not a good idea to leave valuables in the car when parking in public places. And do buy those steering wheel locks that can discourage theft.

The alarm buttons are situated on the key itself, which is a nice touch. You feel like the Vios is one of those more expensive cars with key-integrated alarm buttons.

Another note about they key–the Vios features alarm buzzer for various scenarios:

  • They key is inserted, the engine is off, and the driver’s side door is open
  • The car is traveling at greater than 25 Kph and the driver’s side seatbelt is not engaged.

Also, the driver’s side door will not lock from the outside without the key. This would help those who are forgetful about their keys by minimizing the possibility of your leaving the keys inside the car or in the ignition. A few other safety features include the “door” lamp staying on a few seconds after doors have closed. So until you turn on the ignition or lock the car thru TVSS, the light will be turned on.

The car will also not start without the clutch fully depressed. This will help avoid scenarios in which you start the car in gear, which could be dangerous. One problem here though–if you forget you’re in gear, you might suddenly release the clutch after starting, thus jolting the car forward (or backward). It happened to me once.


2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

The E variant comes with a 1300 cc VVT-i engine, which provides just 85 horses under the hood. This is hardly racetrack material, but if you consider the power-to-weight ratio, you would be amazed at what the car can do. The 1.3 variant Vios has been known to reach 190 Kph at clear NLEX, SCTEX and SLEX stretches. I haven’t personally tried this, but I can say I can personally attest to the less-than-10 seconds zero to 100 acceleration.

The Vios E variant does have a relatively short 1st and 2nd gears, though, compared to the 1.5 G variant. This would aid in climbing steep inclines while carrying heavy loads. This can get you easier stop-go acceleration, but might not be as good for those who want quick speed offs when the stoplight turns green.

The new Vios is also equipped with a Drive-by-Wire (DBW) throttle, so those used to cable-type throttles will need getting used to this system. Whenever you step on the gas, you don’t actually pull a lever on the engine. Wires send a signal to the computer box (ECU), which then adjusts the throttle on the engine electronically. This is a boon, in terms of fuel consumption (and the ECU actually adapts to your driving habits), but some users might experience that dreaded acceleration lag.


2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

The car’s small size makes it easy to drive in city streets. It’s unbelievably easy to park, too, with a small turning radius (4.9 m). The electric power steering (EPS) also makes turning very light, but with adequate feedback. This is great when parking in tight spots. But when you’re cruising at 120 Kph, the EPS loses its feather-lightedness, for added safety.

Driver seating position is also good enough for me, but someone taller (I’m 5’3″) might have issues, especially with legroom. The cab-forward design means shorter legroom at the front. So those used to longer cars might find issue with this. Also, the steering wheel is tilt-adjusting only, and not telescoping (unlike with the new Corolla Altis and even the new Honda City), which limits usability a bit, if you’re particular with driving position. I like my steering wheel at the lowest position with the Vios. My only complaint is the limited rear visibiltiy, owing to the tall trunk.

As with the 1st generation, the Vios’ instrument panel is situated to the center. This will take getting used to. But the advantage here is that positioning the instrument cluster at this level reduces the need for vertical eye movement. Therefore, you can focus on the road. Yes, it will require horizontal eye movement, but at least your field of vision is still mostly on the road.

The E variant doesn’t have the Optitron gauges, which mostly just means your tachometer and speedometer are brighter. Still, with the E (and with the J variant), you can adjust the brightness of the instrument panel at night, when your headlamps or parking lamps are turned on. The instrument cluster also includes a digital fuel meter, which is right beside the clock. This is excellent for hypermilers out there–it looks like a cellphone battery meter. Each bar is equivalent to about 5 liters of gasoline. The Vios E doens’t have a real-time fuel consumption meter, though, like on the Honda City.

Probably the best Vios feature is its fuel consumption. Reviews at Vios Club Philippines peg it at about 12-14 Km/L city driving and up to 18-20 Km/L highway. Now when it comes to 1.3 vs. 1.5 L, it’s a mixed bag. If you’re mostly driving alone or with just one passenger, then you get the best combination of power and fuel economy with the 1.3 L. But when you’re always fully loaded, you might want to consider the more powerful G variant.

Also, all new Vios owners would probably be appalled at the puny-sounding horn. It’s more like “mit-mit” rather than “beep beep.” Heck, my old car has a stronger horn than the Vios. I read that new cars have puny horns because brands and dealers are trying to contribute to reducing noise pollution.

It’s not as spirited as other sportier cars out there, but I can say the Vios is a fun ride–especially with the high power-to-weight ratio!

The verdict

2009 Toyota Vios 1.3E (2nd Generation)

The Toyota Vios 1.3 E is a practical choice as a daily commuter. It’s good enough for a bachelor, bachelorette, or a small family just starting out in life. Sure, it’s not as high tech and sophisticated as higher-end vehicles out there, but you get a solid, reliable car from a reputable, reliable brand. It’s also a great vehicle for the green-minded individual, because of its fuel efficiency.

Priced at PhP 664,000, you won’t go wrong with the Vios. Toyota Philippines even has an ongoing low-downpayment and easy terms promo (up to September 30th) for the Vios (and Innova). You can get the Vios E for 15% or even 10% downpayment–that’s about PhP 80k++ down payment, and at PhP 13k++ monthly installments for the five-year plan. Most dealers would even give you cash discounts, free registration and/or insurance, and free chattel mortgage for lease-to-own plans (which amounts to about PhP 30k).

If you’re looking for a great deal, I would recommend Toyota Makati. Look for Ms. Maya Generoso at +632 897-3333. Thanks to Toyota Makati for this Azure Blue Vios 1.3E.

To see the latest prices on Toyota cars, as well as other car brands, click here.

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  1. I don’t know why Toyota made the 2nd generation Vios’s suspension softer at the same time increasing its weight capacity. It doesn’t seem to compliment and its only an invitation to an earlier wear and tear.

  2. Oh I have a question… have you tried turning the streering wheel in its fullest? Mine has a tingling sound when I do this and I can’t seem to find an answer to this. I also noticed that the clutch of 1.3 E variants seems to have a different orientation since 1.5G M/T variants requires a deeper step unto it unlike with the lower variant wherein it doesn’t require the driver to exert much effort in stepping at the clutch.

    1. I think this may be due to the electric power steering. Have you undergone 1,000K PMS? Have this checked.

      As for the clutch, I haven’t really tried the G variant. But sometimes, it’s an issue of the floor matting. Thick matting (or double matting, as what I often do) can sometimes interfere with your being able to fully-depress the clutch. This can sometimes be a problem when starting the car. This could also cause early deterioration of clutch pads (if you often shift without fully depressing the clutch).

  3. been a little bit surprise the way toyota philippines handle the huges problem of toyota vios owner, those cars that soaked under the flood, up to now computer box are not available in the dealer, its been awhile and people are double suffering. better not to sale those toyota cars until those parts are available, is the department of trade can act fast on this ?

  4. ms. roscel caranza..i’m the consumer arbitration officer of DTI IV A..CALABARZON area..if you have queries or concerns, i’m more than willing to any consumer who has concerns on consumer products even other than car, just email me if you think our department can be of help to you..thankss..

    1. the vios 1.3 automatic 2015 model of my car drinks a lot of unleaded gas!!! please help! even the steering wheel is not like before very soft to turn!!! mine is sometimes feel like not power steering wheel!!! even the front bumper most of the times hit pavement or uneven roads because the front bumper is too low!!!

  5. I actually had to choose between a VIOS 1.3E and a Honda City 1.3A. Test drove both and I think the VIOS is a bit under-powered. I also noticed better handling and suspension with the City. The VIOS is smaller than the CITY. Aesthetics wise, resale and performance, for an additional 11K I think the CITY is more than worth it.

    1. In terms of the actual cash-out, though, it seems the Vios is more attractive. I went out for quotes a few months back, and here’s what I got:

      Honda City 1.3 S (SRP about PhP 750+ K)
      Downpayment of about PhP 200,000
      Monthly of PhP 13,120 for 60 months

      Toyota Vios E (SRP about PhP 664K that time)
      Downpayment of about PhP 84,000
      Monthly of PhP 13,120 for 60 months

      These include freebies and promos, though. And Toyota has an ongoing promo with low d/p for the Vios and Innova. Or maybe I wasn’t able to haggle too well with the Honda sales people.

      I’m not sure about total cost of ownership, though. Does anyone have a comparative chart of regular maintenance/service costs and intervals?

      1. I’m Planning to buy Toyota Vios E. Do you have the recent price for Downpayment and Monthly payment and if ever a contact person? Thanks

  6. When my dad bought my 2nd gen vios on May 2008 the price of the 1.3E model was only Php 613,000.00 at Toyota Bicutan. Why would an additional 50k price increase be necessary since no new feature is added its still the same car.

  7. I think the feature where you need to step on the clutch to start the car was designed to prevent any accidents due to the crank and hold feature of the vios. If you noticed, even if you let go of the key when starting, the car will continue to crank until the engine starts. If the gear was engaged during the automatic cranking and you did not have this feature, you can hit your garage wall without having enough time to step on the brakes.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize the Vios had this feature until I read your comment. Now I just twist the ignition key for an instant, instead of holding it in until the engine starts. Very convenient. This also prevents any damage resulting from over-cranking the starter engine.

  8. Hello, been hearing that Toyota have recalls, having mechanical problems ( stuck gas pedals), we are on the process of buying 1.3E Vios 2010 model, but afraid on this.
    Though recalls is in US, are Phil Toyota cars also affected? cant help myself not to worry.

    1. Hello,

      Toyota Philippines specifically said that local cars are unaffected. But of course, we should take this with a grain of salt. Some US models that are affected are also sold here, such as the Corolla (Altis) and Camry. The production lines are likely different, though. And of course, the Vios is not among the affected vehicles. 2nd generation Vios units sold here are produced locally at the Toyota Sta. Rosa plant. So whatever factory defects they have in the US are not likely to be in the Vios.

  9. Please check Toyota Motor Philippines website. Nandun yung advisory. Wag mag panic. Pinas is not affected at all.

  10. I got this 2 months old vios 1.3e 2010 we went to baguio as far us la trinidad we are 5 fully loaded it went up smothly until we reach some part of la trinidad its stip high it didnt make to the top so I went back a little , its a good performance in all, I suggest that the toyota must check the clutch it seems its to high to release and the gas pedal has a slite delay mybe they cant check it out.

  11. Got to say I love the car. I got me a 1.3 E all black its one of the most handsome cars I ever saw. My only disapointment is that the 2nd generation did not come with mud guards. I always make a point to get me a viecle with mudguards (Saves you the hastle of scrapping the tar off the bottom)

    Another complaint I have is that the radio may play MP3 but no socket ot plug in an MP3 player. I check the vios on other countries and they have a socket at the front passenger’s side. In other countires the Vios is called Yaris sedan.

    Cup holders are not a plus or a minus to me. I don’t drink anyway when i’m in my car.

    In all I love this car. 1000 php worth of unleaded fuel lasted me 3 weeks!!!!

  12. hows the maintenance cost lets say 5k, 10k ,15k 20k…PMS ? i am planning to get a car and i would like to know if the 10k interval for honda will be cheaper or more expensive. thanks in advance

    1. 1k PMS was about PhP 1.2k. I think 5k to 20k PMS will involve oil changes and other fluid top-ups, so that would be at least PhP 2k to PhP 5k, depending on whether you use mineral or synthetic oil.

  13. well said Mr. J. Angelo…. im planning to buy one… but still have to save money.. its worth the wait, IMO…

  14. i am about to close a deal with my agent to get this unit 1.3e azure, however they informed me that a new vios design would be released by april.. do i need to wait?

    1. The 2010 Vios features a facelifted front grille and rear lights. I believe the Thai version also has some improvements in the interior, particularly the gauges (which now includes a fuel efficiency and average speed meter). I’m not sure if that will be included in the local version, though.

  15. Different SAs have varying answers on the APRIL 2010 Vios.

    Some say that the 2009 Vios would be phased out by the time the APRIL 2010 model comes out.

    Another one says that the APRIL 2010 upgrade only applies to automatic models.

    Thus the J and E models will still be the same 😛

    1. The 2010 model lineup has changed a bit, with a facelifted front grille, rear lamps and instrument panel. As far as I know, the E will only come in Automatic Transmission. The J variant has been upgraded with the E’s head unit, power windows and power locks (I’m not sure about alloy wheels, though). The steering wheel has also changed.

      See this thread on Vios Club Philippines for photos and information.

  16. toyota just recently had their promo for vios 1.3 e pay low promo ( 65k down payment ). i wonder if they will extend it this april which i hope so. i planning to buy one. it’s a good thing to know that vios has good specs. budget wise, vios is affordable.

    1. I think this “10% downpayment” scheme usually applies to the lease-to-own option. Also, Toyota usually offers 10% to returning buyers or fleet buyers. New, individual buyers would usually be approved at 15% to 20%. But it’s still worth a try. Ask a marketing professional if they can give you cash discounts and freebies. The 65K cash-out is usually possible with a 15% downpayment less discounts (most dealerships or banks will ask for a one-month advance of the monthly amortization with a 10% d/p scheme, so the cash-out is more or less the same).

  17. Just searching Google about the remote lock key of my car (coz I’m having difficulties – auto-lock won’t work) when I bumped into your website, read your article all I can say its a good read not only for interested buyers but also us who already own the Vios 1.3E. My car is 2 days old and really loving it though I already test other models such as J and G and it has no difference so far (ofcourse, G/S has bigger engine but not an issue).

    The upcoming Vios model (2010/11) has great interior features such as the “push button to start engine”, usb port for your mp3 players, HUD module displays the car’s current speed on your windscreen (cool eh?), etc. (more info here) what I don’t like is the front design which look like Camry or we could say that a mini Camry? lol. Good news for interested buyers of the new Vios facelift, that all of their model already includes power window and central door lock feature (same as for E, G and S). For their pricing, only P15,000.00 would be the main difference from older model.

  18. I would like to comment on our vios facelift. We had the first 1k kilometer and changed its oil at the dealer here n dvo city. I noticed a squeaking sound very loud when the air condition is turned on…. whats the problem?

    1. Maybe you have something stuck in your air conditioner intake. Maybe some piece of paper or tissue paper got sucked from the glove compartment. Try to remove the glove compartment and feel for the a/c intake at the inside top part (underneath the dashboard). You might have something stuck there.

  19. I sold my diamond white 2007 Ford Focus Sport last week. In terms of looks and power I can’t say anything about that car but in terms of fuel economy that car is such a gas guzzler averaging just 6-6.5 km/li on city driving. I’m planning to buy a black 2010 Toyota Vios 1.3 e MT and will just have the rims replaced by a 17″ to add more to its masculine look. My question is will the supposed replacement of the rims will somehow have an adverse effect on the fuel economy of the car?

    1. I believe changing the rims to a 17-incher will result in some reduction if fuel efficiency. But it’s most likely that you will still get better efficiency than with the Focus.

  20. I would like to ask if is it safe enough or good enough of putting plastic arm instead of full metal arm on the vios clutch and gas padels. Coz i’ve noticed it when i added sporty pedal pads, upon installing it, i was shocked na hard plastic lang they used as arm support. im affraid na after sometime of always stepping on to the clutch and
    stepping on it for a few seconds during traffic, the arm might break or crack. They should have used metal, it wont affect much naman on the cost of the unit. I really cant think of a reason why plastic?!

    1. I think I noticed that before, but didn’t really make a big deal out of it. Here’s what I read from another forum about BMWs:

      BMW does this for all vehicles. The clutch is a low stress point and works just fine in high strength plastic. The brake, by contrast, needs to survive having someone standing on it to avoid an accident and is made of metal.

      I would still be more comfortable with metal. But if engineers think hard plastic is safe enough, then I’ll live with that. I think the accelerator pedal is low-stress, since the Vios is DBW. The clutch is also probably low-stress.

  21. sir another concern lang again, baka you can give me a tip on how to operate my vios headlight switch, either factory defect or i just dont know how. Due to after i switch on na my headlight, upon pulling the left lever to make it high beam, it will
    turn high but upon releasing my hand it will go back to dim mode. kailangan ko i-hold ng finger ko ung lever to stay high. also upon pulling the lever, walang click sound indicating na nag-switch na sa high mode. I dont know what seems to be the problem. Thank you!

    1. It’s a standard Toyota feature. Pulling on the light switch dips the beam to high, and will revert to low beam when you let go. It will not lock unlike other car brands. What you need to do is to push it forward to lock it in high beam. Then pull it back toward you to return to low beam.

  22. Has anyone noticed and know why there is no a/c botton or switch for the aircon of vios, mine is e series, dont know if the higher series have, but i wonder how would i be able to just use the fan of the aircondition and turn off the cool mode? i just prefer kasi to open the fan first upon starting the car and switch on the a/c after five minutes on my old car, now i cant do the same procedure sa vios coz theres no a/c switch, once u turned the switch to no.1 or no.2 its stating to cool right away. Thank you so much!

    1. Turn the thermostat all the way to the left (counterclockwise). That should turn off the a/c so you’ll only be using the fan.

  23. i have a 5 month old VIOS 1.3E with 6000 km and i’m really disappointed with the fuel efficiency of the 2nd gen. i only get 10-11km/l on long drive and 9-10 km/l on city driving. i bought the vios because of the good experience i had with the first gen. in addition, there are lots of changes from gen 1 to gen 2… 1) since it is heavier, it’s harder to accelerate from stop and would require higher rev 2) high clutch which is a disadvantage during traffic 3) the auto lock when you hit 20 kph was removed, i sometimes forget to lock the doors 4) noisier uncerchasis 5) less resistance on the accelerator pedal because of the DBW feature which is straineous during long drives

    i’ve been driving my sister’s first gen vios 1.3E for five years and i usually get 16km-18 km/l during long drives and 12km/l on city driving. My dealer told me to shift immediately upon reaching 2000 rpm to get a better fuel efficiency but i still don’t get better mileage until now. i’m still trying to figure out how to achieved their promised fuel efficiency in their ads.

    1. Congrats on your purchase. I was told fuel efficiency improves after about 10,000 KM on the odometer. Have you had your 1K PMS? How about 5k and 10k PMS? That would usually bring fuel efficiency to normal levels. But if you’r still getting high consumption, then better have it checked with the casa.

      I agree with your concerns on the weight. I think the 2nd generation is supposed to have a more comfortable ride because of the added stability. As for the door locks, I do prefer it being manual, as I don’t like the locks automatically disengaging when I turn off the engine.

      1. Hi just had may vios for almost two months now, im just wondering, is if a full tank is good enough for 15 days…. where my travel is just 18-19 km a day, OTIS to makati vice versa. Its good fuel efficient?

        1. Well, 19km times 15 days is 285. The Vios’ full tank capacity is 42 liters. 285 divided by 42 is about 6.78 Km/Liter. Still, you reach the “blinking” fuel gauge when you only have about 5 liters left in reserve. So that’s 285 divided by 37, which is about 7.70 Km/L. I can say that’s a bit low for a Vios.

          Wait until your 1k, 5k and 10k PMS. I read that fuel efficiency improves as the car ages.

  24. Sir good afternoon! may i ask if possible po ba na from outside the car, as i press the unlock key of the remote, the driver’s door only will open and the rest will remain locked, upon pressing the unlock botton from the driver’s door panel thats the time the three other doors will open? The reason why i like this procedure is for safety purposes, when you’re just alone and about to get in your car, no one can enter from the other side as you enter your car! Thank you!

  25. Btw, i’ve noticed too that there is no beep sound as u lock and unlock the vios, its hard to determine that you had press the remote properly, there are times na i have to press again for the second time the remote to make sure it locked or pull the door handle to double check. it would more effortless if there is a beep sound indicating that your doors are locked as u walk away from your car.

  26. im making this model a taxi pero the problem is pag nagkakabit ako ng accesory eh nalolowbat.di naman grounded…
    sample yung digital taxi meter…..

  27. Yeah,i’m reducing expenses as much as possible.Taking off likes and prioritize needs first.It’s important that we choose the practical and money saving car,have a fuel efficient car.

  28. I own a vios 1.3e i notice some knocking sound when i step on the brakes when the car is about to stop what is that? help plzzz…

  29. Beige metallic is the color of my new 1″.3 E MT Vios- May 2010 edition , any body can suggest what color of the tint is appropriate, according to my agent ” tint Magic ” is preferable for my vios, is it okay for tint magic, help pls !!!!!

    1. I suggest magic neutral or medium dark magic tint will make ur vios more classy looks. Better than the ordinary black tint, dark tint matches only black / dark colored
      cars, yours is beige. Not sure with the type or name of the tint, try to see some sample at the shop na lang. The magic tint na from the outside its a bit snowy & mirrorized but from the inside the view is clear.

      By the way, does it bothers you na ung arm support ng cluth pedal ng vios is made of plastic not metal? Does the agent guarantees na it wont brake apart or crack as
      u step on it everyday and during traffic?
      Thank you!

  30. My Vios 1.3E A/T was delivered a few hours from now. So that, from an Altis 1.6 2008 model, am still adjusting to minor new/different features.

    Am very particular and always monitors the temp when i drive home to Bataan from Subic using the SCTEX. Though I have not gone through much yet and not even opened its user manual, that am looking for the temp gauge!

    How will I monitor this?

    1. Unfortunately, the Vios doesn’t have a proper temp gauge. The temp indicator will just light up if the engine temperature is getting too high.

  31. i bought my 1.3e m/t last october 2009 and i am really satisfied in terms of fuel efficiency… i also love the easy handling and the quick engine response especially during long trips from kalibo to caticlan… the a/c has improved so much and this is the first time that i experienced a toyota vehicle with excellent a/c power.

  32. Hi.

    i’m currently shopping for a car and i find your review really helpful.
    it’s very affordable considering the car’s features.
    my only concern is about the leg room. when you say that taller people will have a problem with it, how about those who stand 5’8″? just wondering… 🙂

    1. hi michelle.

      walang problema sa leg room space, i am 5’10” driving with new vios 1.3 e, even with 3 passenger at the back. 🙂

  33. sir question, built in na ba stereo ng vios? as if palagyan ko sana ng subwoofer and ampli. do i need to change pa ang stereo?

    medyo may problem sa legroom ng vios, cousin ko is 6’4″ sagad na ang atras na seats then yung tuhod nya tama sa steering wheel. pero sanayan lang naman daw… (“,)

  34. Hi There,

    I am currently driving a 1.3J Toyota Vios 2007 model. I am planning to buy a set of rims for my car. Can you guys suggest a SIZE and BRAND that would greatly fit my vios without sacrificing its handling, speed and suspensions?

    I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

    Thanks a lot

  35. It’s true,it is best to be practical nowadays from everything you will buy.I have nothing against second hand car but i will prefer to buy brand new for the warranty and assurance.Toyota Vios is also one of my choice as i read many articles saying how reliable and practical it is.

  36. uhmm…. what website should i must to visit? in terms of car stere, b’cause im looking for a car stereo toyota vios 1.3E 2009 model. thank you and please acknowlege me after you see this..

  37. I just got my toyota vios E last night and get the average fuel consumption for the 1st day, its 9.7 km/l. Am I doing something wrong, he he ang lakas ko yata s gas…. Help pls…….. Salamat………….

      1. I also got vios 1.3 E A/T last week and my average city driving consumption is 7.5 to 8km/L and also 10km/L on SLEX. I was very disappointed..akala ko kasi mga 12km/L ang average ko in city driving and 14-15km/L on Highway. Mga nasa 500km pa ang natakbo ko as of this time.. please help… thanks

        1. Try to compute for consumption again after your 1K PMS. Also, are you computing consumption using the full-tank method (i.e., fuelling up, driving, then computing how much fuel was used up when you next fill ‘er up)?

      2. same here, i have my 1.3e a/t, 1 month ko observe consumption ng car ko both city ng provincial driving. and really nothing changed. 8.5km/ltr city driving and around 10km/ltr provincial. toyota will check the car tomorrow. even toyota is surprised of the higher fuel consumption of my car.

        1. Fuel consumption usually normalizes after the 5k PMS or even the 10k PMS. Pag bago pa ang car, you might not get the same efficiency until it has run several thousand KM.

  38. @DON Cocson: am wondering if you just got your vios E on the night of august 6, how can you come up with the consumption rate of your car after only a few hours (until August 7 – 12:17am) of using it?

    you may want to fill the tank full and consume at least half of it before refilling
    and then compute your consumption rate.

  39. yeah much better ang brand new i used to own a 2nd hand car daming prob. kaya binenta ko n pinang down ko sa vios 1.3 e din dnaman ako sa porma pag labas sa kasa ako na mag poporma after ng warranty..

  40. I used Toyota Vios 2006 model. Yesterday, noong start ko siya, walang “redundo” ibig sabihin di tumutunog yong starter nya, pero meron siyang ilaw, busina at alarm. It means the is not the problem. Do you think, What is the problem?

      1. No click at all… My battery is new, all the lights, horn and alarm are all working. May engine is stock, never been touch. I ask a mechanic and he said, it might be the carbon brush.. What do you think?

  41. after doing 1k PMS last week, nag improve na. naka 10 – 11 KM/L basta dahan dahan lang apak sa gas pedal. below or hanggang 2,000rpm pag arangkada galing stop, kaso lang kunting bagal..hehehehe.. sana magnormalize na ito after 5k or 10k km. Gusto ko kasing maabot ang 12km average city driving kahil mabagal ok lang.. 🙂

    1. hey i am an expert user of vios i can attest to you that it can run up to 18km/liter if you drive it properly. One tip, change your gear quickly avoid to hit 3,000 rpm before changing. if your fuel gauze blinks it does not mean you have to fill it up, you still have a 4 liter reserves and it can run for more than 50 kilometers. Enjoy driving your vios.

  42. as fas as concern with the Looks of Toyota Vios is not so much special but i would like to take this car with just because of its newly added interior & design. which i like it too much so i will go for this car

  43. I can attest to the reliability and fuel efficiency of the Vios, I have the face-lifted first gen vios 1.3e since december 2005. Until now, it’s still as reliable as it was when I first bought it. The reason why I’m still keeping it as my everyday car even if I’m getting a forester 🙂

  44. ano maganda gas for vios?

    I got my 1.3e a month ago. sa full tank method, my gas consumption gradually increased from 8k/l to 11k/l using petron xcs. nka 1kPMS nko. 3 day ago, sinubukan ko caltex silver sa highway driving at sa 100k, 1 bar (approx 5L) lng nawala. pro nung city driving na, 4 bars (approx 20L) nawala at 200k lng naidagdag sa tinakbo ko. sana gumanda nga fuel consumption pag tumagal. il have my car check by toyota tomorrow.

    1. I got a Vios E last October and the bars on the fuel gauge aren’t that accurate. I gassed up at 4 bars (half the gauge) and I got around 28-30 liters of fuel pumped in. This shouldn’t be the case considering that the vios has a 42L capacity. Also, I am wondering if the vios has a fuel reserve indicator and how much fuel is in the reserve?

      So far, the mileage I get from it is at 9.7 L/km and am at 900k PMS. I also hope to reach 12km/L after the 1000k check up

  45. Sir 1st time owner ng vios E.

    mag pacheck sana ako for my first 1000km sa casa, nasa 930km na ko ngayon pwede ko na ba dalhin sa casa sir kahit di pa 1000km? kasi plano ko mag out of town baka sumobra naman ako sa 1000km.

    salamat sir! nice site!

  46. I am contemplating on buying vios this week, but Im deciding between 1.5M/T and 1.3 A/T… could anybody suggest/help me with the choice. Thanks.

  47. Hey! Thanks for this, man. Could I use it for a report I have to do for school? This would be really helpful. Thanks, really.

  48. Looking for a right choice and need a decision this week.

    choices :
    Mazda 2 1.5 A/T or 1.3 M/T
    City 1.3 M/T
    Vios 1.3/1.5 A & M / T

    Living in the metro. A wife and 1 child.
    1. Budget
    2. Space
    3. Fuel consumption
    4. value

  49. According to my friends and a few taxi cab buddies the diff. between the 1st. gen and 2nd gen. when it comes to fuel consumption they claim that the 1st gen is more fuel efficient even by just using mineral oil and unleaded gasoline. the reason could be is the change of body design, additional weight and the softer springs. by the ac and car electronics add to fc. to get better fuel efficiency drive smoothly, change gear at 2000-2500rpm, turn ac fan to low and thermo to 80percent, check right tire pressure regularly, limit speed to 80kph, follow reg pms, use high quality spark plugs like iridium, clean air filter every 5k kms and change every 10k kms, remove unnecessary weight in the trunk, practice cruising style driving before stops, avoid to much idling, maintain right coolant mixture, avoid hard stop, plan your trips avoid heavy traffics… etc. etc. its really upto the driver.

  50. Nice review but how about reliability when it comes to maintenance. I read about a that vios under-chassis is not as tough like the older corollas and the small space in the engine bay makes harder for the mechanic to work. The front wheel drive disadvantage like replacing clutch disk, it takes a lot of parts remove just to reach the clutch. I rather buy the avanza.

  51. I have scanned around for this type of cars but I would just like to share with you my experience. My Honda was good but cost of maintenance really killed me. Pang porma lan yun. I just found out that the 5-years warranty of Hyundai Accent does comes with several conditions and spare parts are high priced. My KIA almost killed me when my brakes failed and I slammed into an armored car.

    But when I had my 2004 Vios it never gave me any problems. My regret is that when I sold it to my balikbayan friend last December 2010. She loved it so much that she kept it in the Philippines even when went back to the US.

    I am now getting another Vios and I agree with the writer about its’ review. It is not that sporty or maporma but it is reliable to get you to anywhere you want to go and it won’t hurt your wallet.

  52. Well that was a good review. I got a question for you guys, does people in the Philippines use Toyota more than any other brand? And do you have auto parts store where to buy Toyota OEM parts or do you order internationally.

  53. @ndrewoods:

    Toyota’s are abundant here. Anywhere you look, you can bet you would see a Toyota. From private cars, cabs to police vehicles. (Not that other cars are not being used as such. Just citing the variety of classes where Toyota’s are being used.)


    We get parts here from a number of sources too.

    -Auto parts stores. They sell OEM and Replacement parts. Plenty of them around, some specialize in a specific brand.
    -Japanese surplus parts store. A sure hit for someone on a budget or someone “theme-ing” his car.

  54. static electricity is very common in toyota vios J variant model, it happened to me very often when I’m adjusting the car seat and when closing doors. it was quite painful at times.

    1. Have your electricals checked. The car might be grounded. Still, I used to experience this everytime I alighted and closed the door with the engine running. As a workaround, I always closed the door by touching a non-metal or painted part like the door handles or the window frame. This issue just went away after some time.

      1. I brought my 2009 ViosE to casa for PMS. After changing some recommended parts, the security alarm is no longer functioning. I brought back the unit to reactivate it. Then again at no time the alarm system fails again. How can I fix this problem since casa Toyota charging so much with this issue?

  55. Got my 08 1.3E Vios last year. I’m using it as my service daily, because of my job. I’ve been a Honda user for more than 8 years. But when I got my 1st Toyota Vios, when I’m driving it (long / short drive), i always feel safe. Believe it or not, 60,+++ kms was my registered ODO. But most of the time people would ask if it is brand new.

    Few advice:

    a/c compressor – needs a new one. As attested by mechanics that it normally last for 3 years.

    Motor Fan – I replaced it already. Normal life is also 3 years.

    So try to watch out for this parts. But surely, it wont harm much your wallet. 🙂

    1. Yup, not really expensive parts. Mahal pag air con parts like condenser and evaporator ang kailangan palitan (and not just the comperssor). Experienced Vios users usually recommend installing a cabin air filter to prevent buildup of dust and other particles in the A/C system.

      I actually experienced a leak under the glove compartment before, and I sometimes hear water flowing when I turn the car left. I used a pump to suck out water from the A/C drain hose in the engine bay, and got a lot of sludge/buildup.

  56. Mine is 2005 Model E vios. It has no aircon filter/cabin . I just bought an aircon casing (650.00)and a filter(500) from Crusier parts in Sucat, Paranque. Now I have a clean air inside my car. The aircon compressor is still working even in todays hot condition. It is second hand ride but what i get is fuel efficeint but fast car. VIOS FOREVER HE HE

    1. I actually made a frame of my own from an old shoebox and used a 3M filtrete filter meant for household A/Cs that cost PhP 200 or so (which can be cut into size for several uses). So far, so good.

  57. My family and I have always been loyal Honda customers. We have never had car troubles for at least the first 3 or 4 years. Last December, We bought a Vios J matic. It’s everything the review says it to be, except there is an annoying stench coming out of the aircon. Eveytime we turn it on, a foul (maasim) kind of stench comes out. It only goes away after awhile (or maybe our noses just get used to the smell). We don’t understand where it’s coming from. We took it to the dealer but they said they need to hold the car for 2-3 days in order to check the a/c. It’s such a hassle because my kids use the car to go to school. The Vios is a nice and practical car, but this experience of ours seems to be telling us that sometimes the extra you have to pay for the other brand may be worth it.

    1. Sometimes this stench develops when the condensation tray has not yet fully emptied/evaporated when you turn off the aircon. Do you use air freshener? Some air fresheners (especially the solid ones) cause this. The smell usually goes away after a few minutes of turning on the A/C. Try this:

      – A minute before turning off the car/engine, turn off the A/C thermostat without turning off the fan. This allows the excess water in the condensation tray to evaporate, minimizing or eliminating the smell next time you turn on the A/C.
      – Install a cabin filter. The Vios does not come with a cabin filter, but you can have one installed. This usually costs P1,300 OEM, or you can get a cheaper one from Denso or other A/C shops. I make one myself using 3M filters and a cardboard frame.

        1. Inside the glove compartment. It’s fairly easy to install. No need to go to Banawe, unless you’re buying the cabin filter there. Simply remove the glove box and access the filter from inside. Check out this video: . You don’t even have to remove screws. Just squeeze either side of the glovebox to release the tabs from the side to remove.

      1. Hi Angelo, It seems you’re an expert in Toyota Vios, I have problem with the accelerator even if I fully pressed the gas it will not build RPM and sometime it vibrate due to very low RPM registered, by the way my car is 2008 model E variant.

        1. The 2007 Vios onwards uses drive-by-wire. So the accelerator pedal sends signals to the ECU, which then signals the throttle to rev up the engine. It could either be (1) an issue with the accelerator pedal sensor (2) an ECU issue or (3) problems with the engine itself.

          What you can try for now is to reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery terminals for at least 10 minutes. The ECU usually records driving habits and adjusts engine response accordingly. Removing the battery will reset these to default.

          1. Thanks… I went to Toyota Marikina to check the engine, according to them” there is a problem in the air sensor bank 1″ and this cause around +6k, is this really the problem, if yes where can I buy the cheaper sensor, I mean is it okey to buy a used parts?

          2. BTW, the air sensor or O2 sensor detects the mix of fuel and air in the combustion chamber, which will make sure fuel ignites properly. If your car is under warranty, maybe you can have the sensor replaced as a defective part (free?). I’m not sure of other reputable shops that can offer cheaper parts, but I’ll look around.

  58. Hi, I intend to purchase a 2nd hand 2010 vios e automatic. It is a repossed car from the bank. However, the key (keyless entry) that the former owner surrenderred is only one. I am afraid that since the other key is still with the former owner the car security is at stake. What will be the remedy on this? Is decoding will be enough to maintain the safety of the car? thanks.

    1. Hi Aui. Toyota only gives you one TVSS key. The spare/duplicate is just a key w/o the remote control. If you want an extra, Toyota can sell you one, but it usually costs around PhP 7,500. Gone are the old days when you got two TVSS keys for each car, sorry.

      1. Okey but since when they just gave only one (1) TVSS? My friend has two (2) TVSS, they purchased their car 4 years ago. Thanks

        1. Is this the first-generation Vios (or the 1.5 generation facelift)? Those editions had a different alarm system, I believe. Today, “alarms” are just remote unlocking systems, rather than true alarm systems.

        2. hey aui,
          i also got vios 1.3 E A/T 2010 model and it only have 1 TVSS key and the duplicate is w/out remote as j.angelo mentioned.

  59. Hi Angelo, we got our vios three weeks ago. Its a 1.3J manual and we are currently having issues with the clutch, we find it difficult to drive because the clutch, is somewhat deep? (mahirap timplahin ang clutch) whenever we drive the vios we fail to drive it smoothly. Is this natural? and by the way we are not beginners, my dad has been driving for 30 years now. well, on my case, maybe you can call me a beginner because I’m used to driving an automatic transmission and I’ve been driving for 3 years only. but still, I do know how to handle the stick. thnx! great article btw! very accurate!

    1. You can have this adjusted at the casa. Or, actually, any reputable mechanic can do some adjustments on the clutch. It’s a matter of tightening or loosening the adjustment bolt.

  60. hi my brother plans to buy a car this year and I advise him to get na lang Vios (he wants mazda 3 or CRV both 2nd hand). i saw a 1.3 vios 2006 model sa kotse network selling for 350K kaso ang hesitation ni brother eh yung vios daw ng officemate nya inakyat nila sa tagaytay umusok brand new daw yun. any comment on this?

    1. Depends on the unit, actually. I wouldn’t really push a bnew car too, much. If you’re planning to climb steep hills and mountains, best to have your 1K PMS first.

      Mazda3- In my experience, Mazdas are a fun ride, although the interiors and styling are a bit bland.

      CR-V- Great utiltiy, although a gas guzzler!

  61. one thing not accurate about this blog is the fuel consumption. My vios 1.3 E manual was delivered only last April 2011. Before I bought it, I read tons of blogs and reviews about it paticularly about the fuel economy which was also my primary consideration. The modest numbers I read is that this car consumes 12-14 km/liter of fuel for city driving. Sadly, my readings are only an average of 7.5km/l and recently around 6.6km/l. I use it everyday to go to work. Ang distance ko lang sa bahay is less than two kilometers. When I called my Toyota service center to complain about it, their reply is much of an honesty opposite to what I was made to believe. Sabi nila talagang nasa 7km/l lang daw ang average ng unit nila for city driving at swerte pa daw ako kung umabot ako ng 8-9km/l. Wow. kung alam ko lang sana ng Honda CIty na lang ako or nag Mitsubishi na lang sana.Tsk,tsk,tsk. Talk about irony.

    1. Hi. Have you had your PMS yet? Vios owners say the fuel efficiency usually improves after 5,000 or 10,000 KM on the odometer.

      Also, what fuel do you use? In my experience, using higher-octane fuel results in better efficiency. For instance, Petron Blaze 100 gets me about 12 KM/L. Premium gets me about 10 KM/L. I know Blaze 100 is more expensive per liter, but considering each liter gets me farther, this makes up for the added per-liter cost (usually ends up cheaper, even).

      It’s also a mixed experience across the different fuel brands. I usually prefer Petron, since their XCS has better pulling power and better efficiency. In contrast, in my experience Shell fuels burn faster.

      1. HI angelo. Actually this blog of yours is the last blog that convinced me to buy my VIOS. I have no qualms about its performance except for my issue about the fuel consumption. My ODO reading is only 1,800++ and had my PMS for 1k two months ago. I’m using the extra unleaded 93+ and use the full tank method to measure my FC. Synthetic oil was used on the last PMS. What added insults to injury, is the confirmation of the Toyota guys that the 12-14 km/l is just a myth or a marketing strategy. I’ve used all the techniques to maximize my fuel efficiency but to no avail. It seems that I am stuck with a car for five years that will not fulfill its promise. I’ve heard that someone even won a court case with another dealer after they failed to deliver what was promised in their advertisement regarding the kilometrage per liter.

        1. Hi Ronald,

          Sad to hear that. There are a lot of factors that contribute to fuel efficiency, and I would say that the 12-14 Km/L figure cited usually involves a certain combination of driving style, road conditions, fuel used, load, etc. For best results, I would recommend these:

          • – Proper tire inflation. For the Vios E, 33 PSI at front and 30 PSI at the rear (31 if with heavy loads).
          • – Removal of unnecessary load in the trunk.
          • – Fuel type. In my experience Blaze 100 gives me the best fuel efficiency. Even with the expensive per Liter price, the per KM cost often ends up cheaper. Other options include XCS and Caltex Gold. In my experience, Shell fuels burn faster.
          • – Driving style. If you’re using a manual, shift at just the right engine speed (2k to 2.5k RPM, depending on acceleration needed).
          • – Refuelling time. Refuel during early mornings or late night, when the fuel has cooled down enough to be compact.
          • – Air conditioner settings. I usually set the thermostat at 50% when weather is cool enough.

          If your car still suffers from poor fuel efficiency, you can complain. I read that you can get a replacement if your car turns out to be a lemon, but you will have to prove that fuel efficiency is really really poor for the vehicle model.

          But since your car is still at 1,800 KM+, I would recommend waiting until about 5K to see if it really performs badly in terms of fuel efficiency.

          1. many many thanks! i’ll try it. will visit their service center later.they will not charge me daw for the testing.

          2. Hi Angelo,

            I just want to confirm if the front tires really are 33 psi?
            Coz in the manual it states 32 psi.
            And is the 1 psi difference already big?


  62. Hi everyone,
    Just wanna ask how much did you spend on your first 5k PMS?
    Did you use a Fully-synthetic oil or the other one?
    What other services were done aside from the change oil?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Pawpaw

      I had my changed oil on my 1k PMS. They used synthetic and cost me P3500.00. Toyota said I can have my change oil at 10k since I’ve used a synthetic.

      1. Hi Ronald

        I also had my 5k PMS 2 weeks ago. I only spent around P1,040 😀
        I’m only using an ordinary mineral oil.
        Thank you for the reply! 😀

  63. Im convinced..just got my new vios E variant..Planning of having a break inn drive of about 2 thousand kilometers..Manila to Tacloban and back..any advice?

    1. My advice – wait until your 1K PMS before you do any long driving. Or, you can have it advanced (even before 1K) since the factory-installed fluids might already be spent or low when you do the drive.

  64. Hi, thanks for this blog. Now, i have made up my mind to buy a Vios 1.3E, as planned. If i have querries, please guide me ha. We’re planning to avail it this December, could anyone recommend me where to purchase? Im willing to have a DP of 250K, how much would be my monthly amort for 5 years? Please advise. Thanks

    1. Hi wendel, its flan,,Im paying amortization of exactly P13,456.00 a month for 5 years on a 20% downpayment..Since you are planning to have 250k down payment and thats almost 50% , so i gues youll be paying a rough estimate of about 8K to 9K a month for 5 years..Nevertheless, its still best to have a quotation from a dealer.

  65. J. Angelo is right to have your 1K PMS first before doin any long drive. The first PMS usually confirms and test the car for any factory issues that would arise upon using the vehicle. If you can, switch to fully synthetic oil as this also saves fuel. (avoid 15w-40)

    1. Really depends on your preference and driving style. If you usually experience stop-and-go traffic or even bumper-to-bumper traffic, then AT is definitely less stressful.

      MT gives you better control, but this also requires a bit of skill when it comes to ensuring a smooth and economical ride. MT does not necessarily equate to fuel savings because some drivers tend to over-rev. Shifting too early might also result in too much engine stress.

      1. I preffer driving MT..mas pang hataw..pero i usually start with the second gear with my new e variant..mas malalaki siguro gears ng new generation vios ngayon.,pang akyatan,pwedeng biyaheng bagio..anyway, ok lang ba style of driving ko na sa 2nd gear nag start from full stop? di ba makaka damage sa gears yan?

        1. Hi Albert, its flan, tanong ka sa mga dealers dyan kung may promo ba sila..there’s usually a promo sale before the year ends..naka discount ako ng mahigit 45 thousand sa brandnew ko..request ka na ng 2012 model,available na..Dalawa na yung bars sa front air reciever sa radiator (if thats what its really called), mas malawak na..Talagang iwas overheat problems na unlike the earlier models..And mas maganda na pagka design nila sa tail lights..

  66. hi Angelo, my wife and i are planning to buy a good 2nd hand honda civic 1.8 s a/t ’08 to ’09 model. and i’ve been surfing the net for reviews about the said car. can you please give me some sound insights bout this car. (i.e. fuel efficiency, maintenance cost etc.) many tnx.

  67. To Albert: Medyo nag increase na vios 1.3e ngayon. Nasa 690 plus na M/T..Pero kahit na ganun ang prize nya, which is halos kasing presyo lang ng hyundai accent gold na automatic further beeing known as honda city and toyota vios’s competitor right now,
    mas pinili ko pa rin sya because of toyota’s beeing known for its spare parts availability and higher re-selling price. eh, ano kung hindi sya mas sporty kesa sa hyundai o mas maangas kesa sa honda city, Its simple design brings out some kind of elegance and style that is consistent with durability and practicality.

    1. hunga e..matipid pa sa gas…sir flan, tanung ko lng po sana kung sa 2012 mai dealer pang mag bebenta ng 2011 vios 1.3 e?, at aside po na mas convenient gamitin yung A/T anu po yung pinag kakaiba halimbawa mai nasira or mga advantage at disadvantage sa A/T at M/T….

      1. Hi Albert. I’m also from Cebu. Got my unit from Toyota MJ Cuenco through Dan Nunez. Mine is a 2011 E A/T variant. Prior to my vios, I used to drive automatic vehicles na po, and likewise, with manual.
        Based sa experiences ko, mas comfortable talaga ang automatic. dito kc po sa atin sa cebu, d nmn po masyadong malayo yung mga pinupuntahan natin, so better na automatic po. Disadvantage nmn nya, in general usage, she’s not that fuel efficient compared sa manual, assuming that you drive both cars properly. But you really won’t mind that already considering the comfort in driving.
        And when it comes to masisira yung transmission, yeah, A/T is far expensive than M/T. And that’s precisely the reason you have to really take good care of your vehicle, even with M/T. pinaka basic talaga, follow lng po sa PMS. for sure, makikita dn nmn ng mekaniko ng Toyota if there’s something wrong with the transmission. And besides po, d nmn po ganun ka dali masira mga transmission if you use them properly. check its fluid from time to time (maybe after 50k mileage? hehe), and follow lng po yung sinasabi sa manual.
        Hope nakatulong ako konti sir ^_^

        1. I agree with Paw2..Kumusta nalang ko diha sa inyo sa Cebu..gikan gihapon ko diha sa San Carlos Talamban pero dito na ako nag work ngayon sa Maynila..Pit Senor sa inyo bai..

  68. salamat sir pawpaw kahit papanu mai nalalaman ako, mas nagustuhan ko kasi yung vios kei sa honda city, ill go for the automatic na lng..yung 2011 na model nsa gitna parin yung speedometer?
    kano rin pla avail mo na promo sir pawpaw?..punta rin ako sa MJ Cuenco, ngayun december,thx in advance.

    1. welcome po sir albert.
      opo, nasa gitna pa rin yung speedometer… yung promo na avail ko nung feb-march, parang naka 30k-40k discount ako that time…
      wag po kayo mag sir sakn, bata pa po ako :))
      anong kulay pipiliin nyo po? sakn yung beige 😀

  69. Got busy these past few days…anyway, due to short budget, we are instead planning to avail a vios 1.3J, rather than a vios 1.3E, as what previously planned…any comments out there…is there a big difference between the two???

    comments please. thanks!

    1. 1.3E has ABS, integrated 2DIN stereo and alloy wheels, which the 1.3J do not. But the 1.3J these days also has power-windows and locks, unlike the previous years (2009 below), which had manual windows and locks.

  70. Got my Vios last August and just this morning, the car does not want to start its engine. I thought that the battery was flat, but when checking it out, battery is good. Toyota told me they are going to tow the car back for repair at toyota alabang.

    My brother in law some few months ago has also problems with his new less than 1 year old vios. The car tires in front all ran out of thread after less than 10,000 km of driving and that the fuel consumption is so high. Back at the casa, they found out that the wheel assembly in front has factory defects and they replaced all the tires to new ones.

    I am getting worried that the Vios quality is going down in hot pursuit to sell cheaper cars.

  71. @Albert

    Congrats sir on your new vios!
    kmsta namn ang ride? punta ka kaagad sa santander for the break in! hehehehe

    yung akin, binangga kanina ng hilux :((
    dadalhin ko pa sa CASA para ma ayos ung harap huhu d pa nag 1 yr baby ToVi ko, na aksidente na :((
    Wala na ngang ginawa, naka park lng, binangga pa huhuhuhu

  72. Taga Balagtas Bulacan po ako saan ko po kaya makakakita ng mechanikong magaling sa aking vios E MT, kasi humunto at ayaw ng mag-start.

    1. It’s the 3/4” thick rubber like material on the left side of the engine looped around the alternator & etc… to drive them altogether

  73. i am presently driving a 2011 vios 1.3e AT and i am wondering if the car stereo has a feature to play ipod. i tried to use the super car charger but the car stereo does not recognize when i plugged in the charger.

  74. Sir today lang namin nakuha sa turnover ung 1.3 e vios namin ang tanong ko lang sana kung pede gumamit ng ipod sa car kung pede san sa kakabit? salamat

  75. SIr may ipod touch kc ako d2 kaka deliver lang samin ng vios namin gusto ko sana gamitin ipod don parang wala namn ako makita saksakan help lang po kung ok lang

  76. Just wanna ask, especially to Vios E owners…
    Does your car have a noisy dashboard?
    Not pretty sure if it’s really the dashboard. This usually occurs if the road is not smooth, and your sound system is muted or off.

    1. Yung skin po meron ako naririnig pero na-confirm ko sa window nanggagaling yung ingay.
      Try mo i-open yung window w/out sound system para ma-confirm mo if sa dashboard nga.

  77. My vios is 2yrs old now with me last 3weeks ago fuel consumption becomes higher before city driving can reach upto 12 t0 15 km per ltr but now it becomes 11 to12 per ltr even without trafict I ask toyota Calasiao if there is any move they can do to return it ti its normal fuel consumption but I got no better explaination im unsatisfied with the answer , could you give me help for this sir tanx a lot

    1. Did your car undergo PMS or servicing already? If it’s past schedule, there may be several things that can affect FC, such as lubricants (oil might be old), suspension, tire pressure, and even fuel quality.

      I use Blaze 100, btw. Even if it’s more expensive per liter, in my experience each liter goes farther than lower-octane fuels. A second alternative would be Seaoil’s Extreme 97. I find that Shell fuels burn faster, for some reason. This could also be a factor.

  78. Gud day… Mud guard is really one helpful accessory to maintain the external tidiness of a car against dirt. Why toyota did not include it to 2nd gen vios? does mudguard reduce aerodynamics that will affect FC?

  79. Sir, alin ba ang mas maganda Vios 2012 na second hand o brand new?kasi kinoconsider ko rin budget and also the maintenance… Thanks

  80. This is my first car and I really love it! I got it from Toyota Shaw and there are lots of freebies right now. Also, this car is fuel friendly. It does not gulp fuel in an instant. By the way Does someone know if I could possibly find a fillable NYS VS-1 copy to use ?

  81. I have toyota vios 1.5 model 2007. I have problem on electronic power steering showing PS indication on the panel.It turn out to be heavy power steering.What could be the problem.This happen when my alternator is fault i fixed it now still showing PS indication heavy power steering.Can this be reset.What could be the problem.I check the motor dont get power when i start the engine.Fuse are all ok.
    can this be seen by checking it on the analyser.

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