Sen. Lapid wants investigation on smoke belchers and decrepit vehicles

Sen. Lito Lapid is just voicing out what a lot of people are asking: Despite all the strict rules and regulations by the LTO, why are there still smoke belching and dilapidated vehicles on the streets?

Senator Lito Lapid

“There is also a need to review as to how the LTO conduct their motor vehicle inspection because countless dilapidated vehicles with varying degree of impairment ranging from broken tail lights to the use of mineral water containers as makeshift gas tanks continue to roam our streets, thus posing danger to the general public especially motorists and commuters,” he said.

He filed Senate Resolution No. 413: Private and Public (For Hire) Vehicles, to investigate if there are any current regulations that need to be toughed up or taken out to ensure that the aforementioned vehicles won’t be such a safety hazard on the streets.

We hope this pushes through.

[Article via: Journal Online | Image via: Angeles264 (CC by-SA 3.0)]

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