Sen. Recto wants tax incentives for green cars

In the interest of pushing the Philippines away from oil dependency, Senator Recto is proposing that tax incentives be given to those who import, convert, manufacture, or assemble green cars.

“Other countries like Israel and China are already declaring freedom from petroleum dependence in the next three or four decades, we want to start the ball rolling by paving the way for a legislation that would fast track our shift to e-vehicles,” he said.

It’s great that the senator is looking towards a future where the country will be rid of oil addiction. We have yet to see whether this will result in the reduction of taxes or prices on green cars like hybrids and EVs. For one, giving the public access to inexpensive hybrid vehicles or cheap car hire for green-oriented rentals and public utility vehicles will help reduce pollution and greenhouse gases in the country, particularly the metropolitan areas. Current tax and price structures are steep, though, and you even get to pay more for green cars like EVs and hybrids, which are seen as a luxury.

Sen. Recto’s bill is Senate Bill 2536. Will we see a green revolution here anytime soon?

Article via: GMA News | Image By Mike Gonzalez (TheCoffee) (cropped from File:Ralph Recto.jpg) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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