Sponsored Video: Volvo’s new line of trucks made for Asia

Do you know of a truck brand called “UD Trucks”?
No? How about Volvo?

UD Trucks is owned by Volvo and they make light, medium and heavy duty trucks in Japan. They sold more than 21,000 vehicles in 2012.

Just recently, in Bangkok, they launched the Quester – a new heavy duty truck range developed for Asia and is perfect for the Philippines.

Interested? Check out their introductory video here:


Quester will have a wide range of applications, from long-haulage and distribution to construction and mining. Quester brings together the best of three worlds: Japanese craftsmanship and customer care from UD; breakthrough technology from Volvo Group; and cost efficiency from local manufacturing and sourcing.

Launching in major Asian markets later this year, UD Trucks will also provide extensive customer service and support packages in several countries. Strategically-located authorized and owned UD Trucks dealerships and importer networks are preparing for an offer based on minimal operational costs, maximum fuel efficiency and uptime.

“UD Trucks will be the first Japanese brand to offer a wide range of variants developed to meet the different needs of Asia and other growth markets with one common platform at affordable prices,” says Taizo Matsuo, Vice President of UD Trucks Product Management.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Volvo Trucks

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