Suzuki @ work – free comprehensive checkup even for out-of-warranty Suzuki vehicles

Last week, I received an invitation to ‘Suzuki @ work,’ an after-sales service camp. My first question was: “I’ve heard of band camp and boot camp, but what exactly is a service camp?”

Suzuki Service Manager Rommel Cabanela humored me with an answer:

“A Suzuki service camp is like an assembly line where the vehicle passes through three stations or bays. Each bay has a team of qualified technicians and mechanics checking a specific portion of the check list.”

Oh, it’s a highly efficient setup for doing vehicle check ups…. nice.
Anyway, I’ve had my share of car check ups and I’m not about to be impressed easily. So I looked around further.

The service camp is a free 23 point check up for Suzuki vehicles. I noticed that they are quite strict about this — Suzuki personnel followed the 23 point check list to the letter.

“It’s essential that we don’t miss anything.” Cabanela adds.

In the first bay, the vehicle’s general condition is checked. The aircon, windows, mirrors, wipers, and all the lights are examined while the hand and foot brake are adjusted as well. An inspection of the under chassis – front and rear brakes, transmission – follows. In the second bay, wheel bearing, the condition of tires and power steering hoses and fluids are checked. At the last station, Suzuki engineers look under the hood and check engine performance with the use of Suzuki Diagnostic Tool (SDT). The condition of the belts, engine and engine oil, as well as ignition timing are examined at the last bay.

The whole process is documented in a service check-list that accompanies the vehicle through the three bays. Customers are given recommendations on specific areas of the unit that require servicing. And they get a 15 % discount on parts on their next visit.

The latest leg of Suzuki @ Work was held at Suzuki Auto Shaw, Mandaluyong last October 13 to 14. To get the latest Suzuki @ Work schedules, visit their website or call their customer care hotline 902 1001.

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