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Honda car prices in the Philippines as of June 2012

Car sale: Our friends from Honda sent us the latest price list (June 2012) for your reference.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


  • 2012 Honda City 1.3 S M/T – P746,000
  • 2012 Honda City 1.3 S A/T – P786,000
  • 2012 Honda City 1.5 E A/T – P836,000

Available colors: Crystal Black, Habanero Red, Tafetta White, Urban Titanium, Sparkling Brown (for 1.5E variant only)

Free Items: Floormats, Seat Cover, 3M Tint


  • 2012 Honda Jazz 1.5 EX A/T (from Japan) – P899,000
  • 2012 Honda Jazz 1.3 S A/T (from Thailand) – P792,000
  • 2012 Honda Jazz 1.3 S M/T (from Thailand) – P752,000

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Review: 2011 Honda City 1.3S AT – No-Frills Sporty Comfort With This Big Subcompact With an Aggressive Look

Let me begin this review of the Honda City 1.3S AT with the disclaimer that prior to picking up the review unit at Honda’s Ortigas office, I came fresh out of my weekend-long test drive of the Nissan Teana 250XV V6. Big car to small car. That’s just like my Honda Jazz experience, which came right after reviewing the Nissan Sentra 200 CVT.

With this in mind, I guess I should resist comparing the two review units, as these are on opposite sides of the size spectrum (not extreme, but still opposite). The 2011 Honda City sits smack at the bigger end of the subcompact class and almost nearing the compact class with its dimensions (it measures largest among its contemporaries). And while the City is meant to be a small, fuel-efficient car, it delivers just the right level of performance that you would expect from a car this size. With the City, you won’t be afraid to weave in and out of Metro Manila traffic. But you won’t feel out of place with bigger and more expensive cars on the street, either, with its sporty arrow-inspired look and clean lines.

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Toyota Vios and the Honda City: Sensible Cars for Conserving Fuel

At the rate that fuel prices are becoming unreasonably priced, we have been offered a lot of alternatives. We can see today that most of them are more compact compared to the previous years where SUVs and large bodied cars are preferred by the traditional car lover. But along with size comes the price to pay for more fuel to burn. Thus, it should not be surprising why cars these days are becoming smaller and crampy.

Toyota Vios
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom BKK

Take for instance the entry of two small cars, the Toyota Vios and the Honda City. Both were initially considered as cars for women. True to its concept, they were cheaper and suitable for the women drivers who only needed a vehicle to get them places. Apparently today, these compact vehicles have gone as far as serving the men, becoming an alternative since fuel prices are escalating and thus heeding for more conservative cars.

These two car models from Honda and Toyota normally come in 1.3 engines. With lesser power the only important thing here is that they can get you places. Getting anywhere fast is no longer important. It is about convenience and luxury and hence a big reason why most Vios and City models are slowly becoming common in the Philippine roads today.