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Top 5 Cars for Pinays – by Pinay Auto Blogger

Whoever said that all women prefer clothes and makeup over cars should go out more often. Many women love cars just as much as men do. The main difference lies on what women look for when choosing a car.

I, for one, look for a car which is fuel efficient, spacious, reliable, and of course, stylish. I don’t really know much about engine displacement, dipsticks or fenders; but I do know that fuel efficiency is important since I know how much I pay for gas, and something that isn’t easy or fun to drive is a car I wouldn’t want.Speaking of style, it’s mostly the guys who like to trick out their prized vehicles. As the fairer sex, though I’d like my car to be stylish, I’d still want it to be practical, thank you very much.

So let me present to you a short list of cars in the Philippines that I think are easy on the eyes, perfect for a girls’ lifestyle, well-priced, and generously outfitted with the right amount of features – the cars I would recommend for Pinays. Continue reading Top 5 Cars for Pinays – by Pinay Auto Blogger

PH Auto Industry In Danger?

With aggressive auto programs from other ASEAN countries, the Philippines auto industry is in danger of losing much of its business.

Ford Group Philippines (FGP) decision on whether to stay or not in the country depends solely on the government’s auto industry roadmap. According to FGP President, Randy Krieger, Executive Order 877-A, or the Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Development Program is crucial in their stay here.

For vehicle manufacturers to stay here, we should know what the government wants to do and is doing.

Next year, the Ford Focus manufacturing will be transferred from the PH to Thailand. The Escape and Mazda 3 will continue to be manufactured here.

[Article via: Philippine Daily Inquirer |Image via: Ford]