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Automotive Fashion Disasters We Would Like to See Disappear (1st of a series) — LED lighting strips

This series is written by Ice Man, a well known personality in the auto performance tuning circuit. Often a judge in major car shows held nationwide, he is regarded as an expert in car enhancements and styling. Much like Dr. Gregory House on TV, Ice Man is borderline arrogant, painfully critical, and definitely one of the best in the motoring field.

WARNING: If you are reading this and have any of the products mentioned, I’m sorry for being too critical but it doesn’t change the fact that your car still looks “passe” and “uncool”.

So let’s start shall we?

Auto Fashion Disaster No. 1: LED lighting using DIY strips

Much like the “Euro” and the “Projector” fads that came before it, Audi style LED strips have now appeared on everything from Pajeros to Camrys, and there is no end in sight. But unlike before when you have to buy the whole headlight, now all you need to buy is a brownish colored strip that you stick on top of your existing headlights. In the daytime, these strips look downright ugly, and at night, they look even worse: fake and ugly.

Be smart, don’t ruin what car designers have spent thousands of hours on,… or maybe at least buy the full headlight version which has slightly more polish. Whatever you do, just remember it’s still a fad. After a few months, you may not want it on your car any more.

Next up, Carbon Fiber Stickers…