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Government to implement stricter anti-smoke belching program

Smoke Belching Prevention Program (SBPP) will be promoted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources—Environment Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) to different communities in order to aid in the improvement of the quality of the Philippines and the reduction of pollution in air.

Starting early this year, SBPP will do its best with the help of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DoTC), Department of Energy (DoE), and the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Through SBPP, the public in general will have the power to report smoke belchers by means of SMS. Smoke belchers are those who own vehicles that are already prohibited by concerned agencies due to the emission of too much smoke.

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Bus drivers to be trained by TESDA about proper road safety

Bus drivers are soon to be trained about proper road safety by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and other designated government agencies.

The occurrences of several vehicular accidents have triggered the eagerness of the government to take appropriate actions.

This is in line with the soon implementation of stricter requirements for bus drivers by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DoTC) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Law enforcers and road safety lecturers are also set to be trained for them to be more knowledgeable and prepared.

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Oplan Isnabero aims to protect commuters from abusive taxi drivers this 2010 Christmas season

During the Christmas and New Year season, millions of Filipinos go out together with their families and friends. For taxi drivers, this presents their ideal work scenario: the demand is much higher than the supply.

But there are abusive taxi drivers everywhere. Some taxi drivers snob passengers, others choose passengers, and there are those who fix the rate instead of using the meter.

To protect commuters from abusive taxi drivers, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) relived “Oplan Isnabero”.

Any commuter who was denied to board, ignored, forced to pay fixed rate, or asked for additional payment can call and complain through these numbers:

DOTC hotline for Abusive Taxi Drivers (“Abusadong Taxi Drivers”):

Oplan Isnabero is being implemented by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

It just makes me wonder why this has to be implemented just during this season. Why not protect the commuters against abusive taxi driver all-year round? Just my thought.