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MMDA dispatches tow trucks to haul away illegally parked vehicles

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has set off several tow trucks along major roads and secondary streets in order to remedy the heavy traffic scenarios in Metro Manila.

Any vehicle that is caught to be illegally parked, hence the obstruction of roads and the worsening of the traffic conditions, will be hauled away as part of the tighter focus of MMDA to the Christmas season and the growing crowd.

Parking space is truly a problem for many motorists especially because Christmas Day is just a few days away and malls are becoming more and more jam-packed.

MMDA aims to let motorists practice proper parking discipline so as not to have their vehicles towed.


MMDA to motorists: Check your vehicles

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) advises motorists to check their vehicles in time with the holiday season wherein heavy traffic virtually everywhere is to be expected.

According to MMDA spokesperson Tina Velasco, checking the vehicles of motorists must be done as a protective measure. This is also in line with the prevention from road-related accidents.

Velasco related “domino effect” to how held up vehicles can affect traffic and even worsen it.

In relation to this, higher penalty is suggested by MMDA as far as illegal parking is concerned. The suggestion was raised during the meeting of the Metro Manila Council (MMC), added Velasco.

MMC is made up of 17 local chief executives of Metro Manila.

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