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MMDA goes back on Commonwealth Road

The MMDA has decided to get into the trenches again as they have lifted their no-contact policy and decided to go on the road and become a presence again.

This means traffic enforcers may now order speed limit violators to stop and personally issue traffic tickets to them, instead of just recording their information from CCTV cameras and then sending them notices.

Violators face a fine of P1,200.

This follows after the death of renowned journalist and professor Chit Estella-Simbulan a few nights ago after the taxi was riding in was smashed by a speeding bus.

The MMDA will be present again starting Monday, and will continue monitoring even from night to dawn.

Article via ABS CBN News | Image By Mike Gonzalez (TheCoffee) (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

No Number Coding from April 19 until 22

The MMDA has lifted the number coding scheme starting April 19 to 22 to allow motorists and commuters to go to and from the provinces during the Holy Week.

As such it is expected that EDSA will have heavy traffic, therefore the MMDA suggests other motorists to go through the Mabuhay Lanes:

  • To North of Luzon:
    • Take C-5 Road to QMC then right to Visayas Avenue, then left to Congressional Ave., then right to Mindanao Avenue, then take Mindanao-NLEX link to destination, or vice versa;
    • Take C-5 to QMC then right to North Avenue, right to Mindanao Avenue, then the Mindanao-NLEX link to destination south of Luzon
  • Rizal province:
    from Bicutan interchange take DR A. Santos Avenue then straight ahead to C-6 to destination, or vice versa
  • Cavite:
    from South Superhighway take South Station Exit then straight ahead and take Daang Hari to destination
  • Tagaytay:
    From South Superhighway take Sta. Rosa Exit or Greenfield Exit

[Article via: GMA News | Image via: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)]

MMDA on a Shame Campaign vs. Overspeeders

Overspeeders beware! The MMDA will be posting your vehicles on its site.

Besides taking a picture of overspeeding cars and sending notices to the violators, the Metro Manila Development Authority will be posting it on their site for everyone to see.

“Our campaign against speedsters will have no let-up. We will continue going after violators for the protection and safety of the public, specifically the pedestrians and commuters,” MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said.

But the question remains: there were no details included. Why the shame campaign in the first place? Will this deter potential violators from doing it again? What if the violator has already paid his dues, will the picture be instantly taken down?

[Article via: Sun Star | Image via: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)]

MMDA to Ban Commonwealth Ave U-Turns at Elliptical Road?

I’ve been getting mixed signals from the signages at Commonwealth Avenue the past few days. It looks like the MMDA has set up No U-Turn signs near the area where Commonwealth ends at Elliptical road in Quezon City. However, there are also signs that say U-Turn and All Traffic ->.

Which is which?

The authorities have recently blocked the “No U-Turn” and “All Traffic ->” (all traffic turn right) signs, but they’re currently doing some construction. They’re probably going to construct a dedicated U-Turn slot to help prevent accidents or congestion between U-turning vehicles and Elliptical road traffic.

Elliptical road is actually one big, giant rotunda with 8-lanes and no islands in between. The thing is, there are 30 Kph max speed signs all around, but the average speed around the circle is about 60 Kph. Elliptical can be a challenge for new drivers, especally with buses (and also private vehicles) swerving across inner and outer lanes when exiting and entering the rotunda.

After Commonwealth Ave, MMDA targets new traffic scheme for Roxas Blvd

Without a doubt, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is taking serious moves concerning the implementation of stricter traffic rules not just to ensure the safety of motorists but also to truly develop the metro.

First hit was Commonwealth Avenue (also known as “killer highway”) with a 60-kph speed limit and a lane segregation scheme.

Now, MMDA sets its sights on Roxas Boulevard.

No details yet have been released but options are already on the table for MMDA now that they have learned lessons from the Commonwealth Ave. scheme.

MMDA will still evaluate their plans on Roxas Boulevard which covers 11 kilometers connecting Intramuros, Manila to Parañaque City.


MMDA shuns suggestions to raise Commonwealth Ave 60-kph speed limit

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has been receiving suggestions for the past two days since the implementation of the 60-kph speed limit along the 12.4-km Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. Despite of the calls to increase the limit, MMDA is firm on the new traffic rule.

MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino mentioned that the 60-kph limit is one of the ways to diminish the number of fatalities and road accidents along the avenue that had been referred to as a “killer highway” because of the great number of recent casualties along the area.

Lane assignment system has also been ruled out to reduce traffic jams. Buses should take the two rightmost lanes, jeeps and motorcycles on the next two lanes, the other lanes for the private vehicles, and the leftmost lane for the vehicles which are taking a U-turn.


MMDA to Enforce 60 KPH Speed Limit [Metro Manila Development Authority Sets 60 KM Per Hour Speed Limit on Major Metro Manila Roads]

Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City has often been branded as Metro Manila’s killer highway, given the number of accidents and incidents that occur in any given day. With up to than 18 lanes at its widest points (9 lanes each side), Commonwealth Avenue is surely a tempting place to drag race or at least to drive fast.

Unfortunately, Commonwealth is also littered with road hazards, such as U-turn slots, concrete barriers for designated passenger loading lanes, and the like. Even with pedestrian footbridges, some people opt to gamble their lives and cross the wide road at street level. Commonwealth avenue is also home to several city and provincial public utility vehicle lines, like buses and jeepneys, which often stop at loading stations, but sometimes indiscriminately load and unload passengers along the highway.

Given these, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has decided to implement a 60 KPH speed limit along the street.

Continue reading MMDA to Enforce 60 KPH Speed Limit [Metro Manila Development Authority Sets 60 KM Per Hour Speed Limit on Major Metro Manila Roads]

MMDA urges motorists to drive along alternative routes of Mabuhay lanes

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is urging motorists to keep on patronizing the Mabuhay lanes.

It can be recalled that the Mabuhay lanes were tagged as Christmas lanes last month as they serve as alternate routes that help a lot on decongesting heavy traffic in Metro Manila.

MMDA sticks with its main goal of reducing the volume of traffic along major thoroughfares most especially EDSA.

The studies conducted by the Traffic Discipline Office suggest that there was an increase of travel speed along EDSA by over 14% during the past Christmas season. This is expected to balloon now that the holiday rush is through.

[via Inquirer]

MMDA dispatches tow trucks to haul away illegally parked vehicles

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has set off several tow trucks along major roads and secondary streets in order to remedy the heavy traffic scenarios in Metro Manila.

Any vehicle that is caught to be illegally parked, hence the obstruction of roads and the worsening of the traffic conditions, will be hauled away as part of the tighter focus of MMDA to the Christmas season and the growing crowd.

Parking space is truly a problem for many motorists especially because Christmas Day is just a few days away and malls are becoming more and more jam-packed.

MMDA aims to let motorists practice proper parking discipline so as not to have their vehicles towed.


MMDA to motorists: Check your vehicles

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) advises motorists to check their vehicles in time with the holiday season wherein heavy traffic virtually everywhere is to be expected.

According to MMDA spokesperson Tina Velasco, checking the vehicles of motorists must be done as a protective measure. This is also in line with the prevention from road-related accidents.

Velasco related “domino effect” to how held up vehicles can affect traffic and even worsen it.

In relation to this, higher penalty is suggested by MMDA as far as illegal parking is concerned. The suggestion was raised during the meeting of the Metro Manila Council (MMC), added Velasco.

MMC is made up of 17 local chief executives of Metro Manila.

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