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LRTA holds 2-day LRT/MRT fare hike public consultation starting Friday

The Light Rail Transit Authority will have a two-day public consultation regarding the fare hikes for the two LRT lines and the Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) in Pasig City this Friday for students and Saturday for multi-sectoral groups.

Following the 9 a.m. registration, the public consultation will be held at LRT 2 Depot Cafeteria, Marcos Highway, Santolan, Pasig City at 9:30 a.m.

The LRTA website posted an invitation for anyone who is interested in voicing out his opinion about the LRT and MRT fare hike.

The public consultation is in line with the provisional fare increase for LRT and MRT that was approved by the Department of Transportation and Communications last January 11.

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MRT, LRT’s current fare versus new fare released

The approved new rates of MRT and LRT, the train systems in the metro, were approved as provisional fare hike but are still subject to public consultation. The fare hike will take effect this March 1.

The MRT line from Taft to North Avenue currently has the following fare matrix:

P10 – for the first 3 stations

P11 – for 4-5 stations

P12 – for 6-8 stations

P14 – for 9-11 stations

P15 – for 12 stations

The fare hike means a maximum of P28 on traveling the entire line of MRT from Taft to North Avenue.

On the other hand, this is the current fare matrix of the LRT lines:

P12 – for the first stations

P15 – for the rest of the line

Stored-value ticket holders are charged as follow:

P12 – for the first 4 stations

P13 – for 5-8 stations

P14 – for 9-12 stations

P15 – for 13-15 stations

As a result, traveling through LRT line 1 from Baclaran to Roosevelt will cost a passenger a maximum of P30. LRT line 2 from Recto to Santolan has a maximum fare of P25.

The fare hike is in line with the aim of the government to reduce the subsidies funded by the government for the operations of the train lines.

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New approved MRT, LRT rates to take effect March 1

The Philippine government has approved the new rates for the train systems of its capital, MRT and LRT, which will take effect starting March 1.

Basically, there is an P11 boarding fee and every additional kilometer will be charged P1. Only three denominations of single journey tickets will be sold for passengers in order to make sure that giving of change will not be a problem anymore. In line with this, there will definitely be a faster turnover at the line.

The three denominations are P15, P20, and P30:

P15 – for short trips of up to 4 kilometers.

P20 – for 5- to 9-kilometer trips.

P30 – for longer trips.

Stored-value tickets worth P100 can still be purchased and its full value can be consumed.

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