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Scammer on the street – caught on video

Here’s a solid reason why you need a dash cam — you need to protect yourself from scammers on the streets.

I just saw a video taken in Taiwan where a street scammer jumped in front of a car, faked her injury, and clearly tried to get something from the driver. Unfortunately for her, the driver was lucky (or smart) enough to have a video camera running on his dashboard. He captured the entire scene which undeniably disproves any claims against him.

See more by watching this video uploaded by  on Youtube.

[youtube video=’r2n96DQgxAk’ width=’500′ height=’350′ vparams=’rel=0|border=0′]

My friend had a similar incident in the Philippines years ago. A street beggar claimed to have been “slightly hit” by my friend’s car along Ortigas Avenue. My friend vehemently denied the allegation and swore to fight this claim even if it takes years. I understand they eventually settled out of court.

I don’t know for sure if my friend was guilty or innocent. But I always had this feeling that something was not right about the whole incident… and I’m always afraid that something like that could also happen to me or anyone else in my family since we drive around every day.

So let this be a warning for motorists — there are scammers on the streets. Get a dash cam and keep it rolling. Who knows, in the future, it could save you from a lot of stress, court appearances, insurance fees, and settlement money.

Ferrari hits Ortigas center island, driver missing

A car made a great impact as it hit the center island along Ortigas, Pasig City early this morning. The catch here is this: the driver is nowhere to be found.

The vehicle was a Ferrari with plate number XRJ-372N. It is assumed that the driver left the vehicle on the scene affecting the traffic within the area.

Later on, the driver was identified as Vincent Escobar. He claimed to be a nephew of a general but he refused to give a name.

Motorists who are bound to get close to Ortigas center island are advised to take alternate routes.