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The Best Car Insurance for 2012

The best car insurance in the Philippines for 2012 is a comprehensive insurance policy. Third party liability insurance is mandatory by law, but that is not enough to eliminate all the risks involved in driving. A comprehensive policy will cover bodily injury, property damage and unnamed passenger personal accident. The car is protected and the people in it are protected.

There is also total protector insurance that includes the compulsory third party liability and loss or damage of car and theft as well as protection from acts of nature such as an earthquake, typhoon or flood. Then there is also finance available for loans for people with bad credit. It can also give legal assistance and bail bond, road assistance, towing expenses, a waiver of deductible and depreciation as well as many other options.

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MMDA to Enforce 60 KPH Speed Limit [Metro Manila Development Authority Sets 60 KM Per Hour Speed Limit on Major Metro Manila Roads]

Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City has often been branded as Metro Manila’s killer highway, given the number of accidents and incidents that occur in any given day. With up to than 18 lanes at its widest points (9 lanes each side), Commonwealth Avenue is surely a tempting place to drag race or at least to drive fast.

Unfortunately, Commonwealth is also littered with road hazards, such as U-turn slots, concrete barriers for designated passenger loading lanes, and the like. Even with pedestrian footbridges, some people opt to gamble their lives and cross the wide road at street level. Commonwealth avenue is also home to several city and provincial public utility vehicle lines, like buses and jeepneys, which often stop at loading stations, but sometimes indiscriminately load and unload passengers along the highway.

Given these, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has decided to implement a 60 KPH speed limit along the street.

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Auto Dealers Arming for Added Security Against Carnappings

The carnappers are at it again. After the spate of carjacking incidents late last year, criminal groups are now targeting used car dealers in what appear to be carjacking with homicide incidents.

In two separate incidents reported just this week, apparent carnappers have hijacked vehicles while supposedly test-driving them, after which the car dealers were killed and then burned.

Emerson Lozano was found charred and left in an empty lot in Pampanga last January 14, while Venson Evangelista was found under similar circumstances in Nueva Ecija.

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Keep Your Car Doors Locked!

Traffic was crawling along the northbound side of EDSA the other day, and I was driving at the innermost (left) lane, turning toward the Estrella Flyover. Just before turning left to the flyover (going to Rockwell), I noticed that there were several street kids on the center island. As traffic started moving, a couple of the kids started moving toward the center of the road. I wondered what they were up to. Were they going to ask for alms? Were they just going to play a dangerous round of patintero with moving vehicles?

Turns out they were up to something more mischievous.

Creative Commons License photo credit: lobsterstew

Car lock

One of the kids suddenly pulled open the passenger-side door of the taxi cab in front of me. He pulled it with so much force that the door went fully open and almost hit a Honda Jazz to the right of the cab. The kids then ran back to the center island, seeming happy with their deed.

This brought back old tales of goons forcing open unlocked doors while in traffic or at stoplights. My dad once told me some men tried to force open his doors along Kamias Ave. (which is near my neighborhood).

So here’s a reminder to all motorists. Keep your doors locked. If you have a car with power/centralized locks, make it a habit to do a tactile check every so often. I click the “lock” button on my armrest several times during a trip; that’s how OC I am. Or, make it a habit to ask all your passengers if their doors are locked. This could save you a lot of trouble from potential incidents like the one I witnessed.

If you’re riding as a passenger, then make sure all the doors are locked, too. This is especially important when riding taxi cabs. For one, most cabbies are too lazy to lock their doors. Most cabs don’t have power locks, and unlocked doors make it easier for them to pick up passengers. Secondly, having unlocked taxi doors can add to the risk of being held up by robbers in cahoots with bad cabbies.

Again–lock your doors. Best to keep your windows closed, too, especially in traffic. Weather in our country is often hot, anyway.

Image credit: flickr/lobsterstew

Don’t Drive When You Are Sleepy

A few Saturdays back, I was IM’d by my mother that their driver was involved in an accident. After bringing my father to the airport for an early morning flight, he was driving northbound along C-5 when he fell asleep on the wheel. The family AUV hit a Pasig city lamppost. Lamppost was uprooted from its base. Car’s hood was wrecked (along with some internal damages).

Unbeknownst to the family, the driver was also moonlighting as a tricycle driver during nighttimes and finished his shift at 3 a.m. that morning. To add to the injury, the driver wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, and hit the windshield with his head. Good thing he did not sustain major injuries (or so we hope).

Much of the day was spent talking to–and waiting for–police officers and city hall officials. We did not know about the extent of the damage until later that day, when we visited the car at the impounding area.

Lesson learned from this incident: don’t drive when you are sleepy. Sleepiness impairs your judgement and reflex/reaction time. You can also experience bouts of “micro sleep” in which your eyes are open, but your brain falls asleep for a fraction of a second to a few seconds. A lot can happen during this time, especially when you are on the road.

Much of the damage will be shouldered by insurance (payment to the city government for property damage, and car repairs), except the participation fee, towing fees and impounding fees (the car was no longer running). But accidents like this cause hassles and inconvenience to a lot of people. If there is bodily injury, then that’s even worse.

Again, if you feel sleepy, pull over to the side of the road and take a few minutes’ rest. If you can alternate with another driver, then that’s better. You can even stop over at a gas station and grab a coffee or an energy drink. Even a small snack can help keep you awake.