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Test drive: Ford Everest 2nd Gen. 2007-2010 — a non-expert car review

I didn’t like the first generation Everest. To me, it was too much like a truck. Compared to the Pajero and Fortuner, the 1st Gen. Everest looked uninspired and quite dated. I somewhat get this feeling that around 10 years ago, Ford was just desperate to offer an SUV alternative cheaper than the Expedition or Explorer that they took the Ranger Pick-up and fused a campershell to make it resemble a wagon. The result was a “Sport Utility Vehicle” which was a lot more “Utility” and not really that “Sporty”.

Then came the 2nd Gen. Ford Everest. This one is a much better designed vehicle. Smooth, rounded where it counts, and still massive like a Ford SUV should. It still has a truck feel, but this truck is a fashionable one.

Ford Everest 2007 2010
Ford Everest 2007 to 2010. Copyright 2012 Pinoyautoblog.com

Being a “sedan” guy all my life, I found this vehicle initially hard to handle. Driving a car which is long, wide, and tall, I couldn’t see a good part of the road right in front of me; I can barely fit on the narrow side streets in Project 4, QC; and I am sure to scrape a pipe or the ceiling in many of the parking lots in the metro. And don’t even think of parking in Shangrila Edsa Plaza, Citibank Eastwood, or Rufino Tower — the side walls of the parking ramp will most likely be covered with your paint color before you get through. Honestly, for a while then, I was afraid that if I ever lose control of the vehicle, I would literally squash a few cars beneath me. But when i got the hang of it, it totally changed my view on SUV’s.

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