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Top 5 Cars for Pinays – by Pinay Auto Blogger

Whoever said that all women prefer clothes and makeup over cars should go out more often. Many women love cars just as much as men do. The main difference lies on what women look for when choosing a car.

I, for one, look for a car which is fuel efficient, spacious, reliable, and of course, stylish. I don’t really know much about engine displacement, dipsticks or fenders; but I do know that fuel efficiency is important since I know how much I pay for gas, and something that isn’t easy or fun to drive is a car I wouldn’t want.Speaking of style, it’s mostly the guys who like to trick out their prized vehicles. As the fairer sex, though I’d like my car to be stylish, I’d still want it to be practical, thank you very much.

So let me present to you a short list of cars in the Philippines that I think are easy on the eyes, perfect for a girls’ lifestyle, well-priced, and generously outfitted with the right amount of features – the cars I would recommend for Pinays. Continue reading Top 5 Cars for Pinays – by Pinay Auto Blogger

Toyota car prices in the Philippines as of June 2012

Car sale: Our friends from Toyota sent us the latest price list (June 2012) for your reference.


  • 2.0 V A/T (WP) — Php1,155,000 (Colors: WHITE PEARL)
  • 2.0 V A/T — Php1,140,000 (Colors: SILVER, MEDIUM SILVER, BEIGE MET., BLACK)
  • 1.6V A/T (WP) — Php975,000 (Colors: WHITE PEARL)
  • 1.6V A/T — Php960,000 (Colors: SILVER, MEDIUM SILVER, BEIGE MET., BLACK)
  • 1.6 G AT — Php899,000 (Colors: SILVER, MEDIUM SILVER, BEIGE MET., BLACK)
  • 1.6 G M/T — Php863,000 (Colors: SILVER, MEDIUM SILVER, BEIGE MET., BLACK)
  • 1.6 E M/T — Php809,000 (Colors: SILVER, BEIGE MET., SUPER WHITE, BLACK)

Robot Cars Will Soon be a Reality

A lot of the focus around future transport in recent years has been on the kind of fuel that will be used. Will they be hybrid, electric or hydrogen powered? What gets talked about less often is whether cars will need to be driven at all.

Google Street View Camera Car [051-2010_project365]
Creative Commons License photo credit: woozie2010

Once a notion that was connected only to science fiction, the possibility of robotic cars is becoming much more of a realistic one. Every now and then a robotic car is test driven on the roads in public view, but always with a person in the driver’s seat – ready to take over should things go wrong.

Continue reading Robot Cars Will Soon be a Reality

Hybrid Cars Just Got More Affordable with the Toyota Prius C

Toyota Philippines has unveiled the Prius C in the market. And with prices starting at PhP 1.475 million, going green won’t necessarily meaning breaking the bank.

The larger, 3rd-generation Prius costs more than PhP 2 million, which has probably turned off green-minded individuals in the country to go for cheaper alternatives. As such, sub 1-million subcompacts have proliferated, and city streets are teeming with the Toyota Vios, Honda City and Hyundai Accent, along with a host of other ultra-compact cars.

But with the new Toyota Prius C boasting of a 40 Km/L mileage, it’s probably the best choice for green-enthusiasts, considering rising fuel prices and worsening metro traffic.

Powered by a 1.5 L 1NZ-FXE VVT-i engine (similar to the Vios), the Prius C is likewise powered by a Hybrid Synergy Drive electric motor, which accurately adjusts output from the gas-fed engine and electric motor, depending on driving conditions, while minimizing consumption. The car’s regenerative braking system and exhaust gas recirculation system adds to efficiency, charging the batteries while the car is running.

It’s not as cheap as other subcompacts would be. The Prius C starts at PhP 1.475 million for the Standard and PhP 1.540 for the Full variant. For this price, you could buy a pickup-based SUV like the Montero Sport or Fortuner. But if you want fuel savings, and if you want to contribute to saving the Earth, then the Prius C would be a smart choice.

First Quarter Car Sales Up by 8.2%

The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) said that the Philippines car March sales figures were up by 8.2 percent compared to last year.

There were only 33,536 sold last March 2010, while there were 36,293 units sold March 2011. This is considered good news despite all that has happened to the PH auto industry.

“Currently, vehicles are available for sale. We are hopeful that the situation will improve soon enough even with limited operation levels to help stem any shortage,” group president Elizabeth Lee said.

Car manufacturers like Toyota was the top seller, with Mitsubishi following second, while Honda’s sales actually declined by 17.9 percent.

[Article via: Manila Standard Today ]

Local Car Supply Problems After Japan Quake

The Japanese massive earthquake and tsunami damaged not only Japan, but also its economic structure as its car manufacturing sector also took a large hit–resulting in a tsunami of its own reaching even the Philippines.

Local car manufacturers are having a hard time getting parts to complete cars since Japanese car manufacturers are still assessing the damage wrought upon their areas. Damage to the structure and supplies may take some time.

All the Japanese car manufacturers were affected, some more than others. Honda Motor Corp. had more than a hundred suppliers located near the quake and tsunami centers. It just recently resumed operations. Toyota Motor Corp. would be less affected since most of their parts makers were located in the northeast side of Japan. Mitsubishi Motors fared the best since they are the farthest from the epicenter.

[Article via : MB ]

Category Winners of Car of the Year Philippines Unveiled

Although the Car of the Year awarding is still set on April 7 to 10, Topgear Philippines have listed down the category winners but have withheld the Car of the Year to the event itself at the Manila International Auto Show.

The 2010/2011 Philippine Car of the Year category winners are:

  • Ford Fiesta (subcompact car);
  • Chevrolet Cruze (compact car);
  • Hyundai Sonata (midsize car);
  • Jaguar XF (premium midsize car);
  • Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sedan (sports car);
  • Kia Soul (subcompact crossover);
  • Mitsubishi ASX (compact crossover 2WD);
  • Hyundai Tucson (compact crossover 4WD);
  • Hyundai Santa Fe (midsize crossover);
  • Nissan Murano (premium crossover);
  • Foton MPX (van/MPV);
  • Toyota Alphard (premium van/MPV);
  • Mitsubishi Montero Sport (midsize SUV);
  • and Foton Blizzard (pickup).

As a rule, one of the cars listed above will win the Car of the Year Philippines for 2011.

[Article via Topgear PH ]

The Best Second Hand Cars to Buy: 1990 Toyota Corolla

1990 Toyota Corolla AE92

If you are in the market and looking for a sensible car to invest in at the moment, chances are many car owners would recommend the 1990 AE92 Toyota Corolla. Why? Well for one, it is the most logical choice if you are looking for style and budget. Actually, this car plays along the range of PHP 90,000 to 130,000, depending on how souped up it is. It is a wise investment since spare parts are easy to find and the repairs to maintain it are not that hard on the pocket.

To customize it is not that hard to do either. You can just buy the old style 15” magwheels with 50 or 60 series tires and then setup a manageable sound system and you have a great car to use. It is likewise economical as far as gas consumption is concerned but this would depend on how well the engine is maintained and the manner of driving to which is all up to the owner behind the wheel.

It is spacious, fast and easy to fabricate. But one thing about the Toyota Corolla 1990, do not overdo the fabrication part. As it is, the car is a class on its own and many car enthusiasts are already all praises for it with minor tweaks to its overall stature. That is how easy it is to whip up an enticing model of the 90 AE92 Toyota Corolla versions.

The Dreaded Engine Computer Box

Ask anyone on what is the most sensitive part of modern cars these days and you may perhaps get the computer box as the answer. Rightfully so, it is considered the heart of modern cars and once it gives way, you are in big trouble.Unlike older cars, car computer boxes of newer models from Mitsubishi, Honda or Toyota are hard to replace. In fact, that is your only option since they cannot be repaired. There are people in Banawe who may claim it can be fixed but if you want to take that risk and solicit worse problems for your car, then by all means grab it. But the reality of it all is that if other parts of your car can be fabricated, your computer box cannot.

The normal occurrences that would contribute towards car computer boxes being damaged severely include:

1. Floods or being soaked
2. Length of use
3. Wrong installation or has been tampered with

Not even the usual electricians would dare tinker with it for the reason that they know how sensitive this part it and how expensive it would take to replace it. The price could go as far as a second hand car!

So if your computer box goes on the blink, better start saving for a new one. There are no second hand ones that can last in the same way that your old computer box was. Certainly, it is a part that can be expensive to replace but it may take eternity to wreck depending on how you take care of your car.

Toyota Vios and the Honda City: Sensible Cars for Conserving Fuel

At the rate that fuel prices are becoming unreasonably priced, we have been offered a lot of alternatives. We can see today that most of them are more compact compared to the previous years where SUVs and large bodied cars are preferred by the traditional car lover. But along with size comes the price to pay for more fuel to burn. Thus, it should not be surprising why cars these days are becoming smaller and crampy.

Toyota Vios
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom BKK

Take for instance the entry of two small cars, the Toyota Vios and the Honda City. Both were initially considered as cars for women. True to its concept, they were cheaper and suitable for the women drivers who only needed a vehicle to get them places. Apparently today, these compact vehicles have gone as far as serving the men, becoming an alternative since fuel prices are escalating and thus heeding for more conservative cars.

These two car models from Honda and Toyota normally come in 1.3 engines. With lesser power the only important thing here is that they can get you places. Getting anywhere fast is no longer important. It is about convenience and luxury and hence a big reason why most Vios and City models are slowly becoming common in the Philippine roads today.