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Quick Fix: Transmission Warning Signs

Manual and automatic transmissions share some warning signs that you must be aware of.

First off, notice the pinkish-red leaking transmission fluid. If you learn that the fluid is collected on the ground while you are having your parked vehicle moved, then it is ideal to have it inspected. Take note that the leaking fluid means you must attend to the failure or problem.

Just the same, if the fluid becomes dark brown or black, this means the fluid is burning up while the shifting is being done and you need to work on it.

If you encounter having delays when shifting the gear, it is time to go for a car inspection. The gap between the time you shift gear and the time the car acts based on the gear may mean a total transmission failure.

The Pains of Automatic Transmission Vehicles

One thing about cars these days, you want to be as comfy as possible. This includes the manner of driving to which most people prefer to have the automatic transmission to avoid the need to shift gears frequently.But while that may seem like a luxury, it also comes with a price. If your automatic transmission gives way, for sure you are talking bout close to Php 50,000 at the least to have it repaired. It may cost more and it would all depend if you can find one in the market.

Automatic Gear Shift, Hyundai Elantra
Creative Commons License photo credit: brownpau

Another thing about automatic transmission, you cannot afford to see your battery go dead. If it does, you may find yourself in a heap of trouble especially since they cannot be started using the normal jackrabbit start you can push it and instantly release the clutch to start it again. In these scenarios, if your car is an automatic, it would be best to have a series jumper cable in tow just in case you find your battery go dead.

Also, during the rainy seasons, you cannot just go through flooded areas. Unlike the manual transmission vehicles where you have to maintain a certain RPM to go through them, automatic transmissions change gears on their own. That cannot be applicable in flooded areas since you cannot maintain that high RPM due to automatic shift changes.

This is not to say that automatic transmission vehicles are problematic. It is just that in these cases, you have to watch out for these scenarios. Either you avoid them or take the risk.