The Best Car Insurance for 2012

The best car insurance in the Philippines for 2012 is a comprehensive insurance policy. Third party liability insurance is mandatory by law, but that is not enough to eliminate all the risks involved in driving. A comprehensive policy will cover bodily injury, property damage and unnamed passenger personal accident. The car is protected and the people in it are protected.

There is also total protector insurance that includes the compulsory third party liability and loss or damage of car and theft as well as protection from acts of nature such as an earthquake, typhoon or flood. Then there is also finance available for loans for people with bad credit. It can also give legal assistance and bail bond, road assistance, towing expenses, a waiver of deductible and depreciation as well as many other options.

The best car insurance policy will be tailored to the specific needs of the driver. This is also the most cost effective insurance. Value added benefits can always be purchased separately, and unnecessary coverage can be removed from the policy. To get a price quote, visiting insurance comparison sites online is the easiest and fastest way to see how much specific coverage would cost from different insurance companies.

Insurance for young drivers tends to be very high in the Philippines. There are several things young drivers can do the lower their premiums and get insurance coverage that they can afford. Some tips include:

  • A certificate from a recognized, professional driving school is a good thing to get even if the young person already knows how to drive. It proves the driver’s skill and the insurance company can depend on that.
  • By driving very well the first year and avoiding tickets, the premiums for the second year can be greatly reduced. This will also give points on the driver’s license.
  • Cars with high ratings are cheaper to insure. Also, once a high rated car is purchased, the owner should not modify it to look like a racing car. This will make the rates higher. However, a car alarm will help lower rates.

Insurance policies usually have a deductible amount that the owner has to pay before the insurance company covers the rest of the expenses from a claim. A small deductible will usually mean higher monthly premiums. This means the owner pays very little in the case of a claim, but must pay more for the insurance coverage. A large deductible means the monthly payments will be much lower. This can save money in the long run.

There are also discounts for groups in the Philippines. When car owners search online for the cheapest price on the coverage they want, they should inquire about group discounts. When the risk is spread among a group, the cost for each member goes down.

Women have an advantage over men when it comes to the best car insurance in the Philippines. They are statistically less aggressive drivers and have fewer collisions and traffic violations. This makes women a better insurance risk for insurance companies, so they give women lower insurance rates. In some cases, insurance for women is up to 10 percent cheaper than regular car insurance and also comes with added benefits. Women will get help in break down situations such as running out of gas on a freeway, a dead battery that needs a jump start and a courtesy car when the wreaked car is in for repairs.

The best car insurance in the Philippines for 2012 has much more to offer than the mandatory third party insurance. It is a serious crime to drive in the Philippines without proper insurance, and it comes with big penalties. Excellent comparative quotes are available online to get the right coverage for the lowest price.

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  1. I will like to no how for a Comprehensive Policy on a 2009 Toyota Fortuner,
    Auto 2.7.
    and where is your Company located in Manila

  2. Great Day to you Nisha.
    My comprehensive insurance with Standard Insurance Co.Inc. will expire this coming October 2013.I have not made any claims whatsoever up to now with my Toyota Innova G 2013.Do you have any suggestions on what insurance company is the cheapest and also provides the best service.Your reply will be highly appreciated.Many Thanks in advance

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