The RV Lifestyle in the Philippines

If you’ve lived in the US, you’ve probably met some people who are fond of going on road trips and essentially living on the road. It can go both ways–a family can be living off trailer parks, or they can just be going on a holiday. Whatever the case, it’s definitely an interesting way of living, especially for folks like myself who are more used to city living.

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I often pass the house of a neighbor who has a midsized RV parked in front of his house. I haven’t had the chance to see the condition of the vehicle, but I think it’s not being used much. It makes me think if there’s such a thing as an RV lifestyle in the Philippines.

We’re a small country, after all. And we’re an island country. You can only go so far on land (unless you plan to ride a roll-on, roll-off ferry). But still, there are a lot of unexplored territory here. If you’re from Metro Manila like me, you can go to Vigan or Ilocos in the north, or Tagaytay or Bicol in the south in Luzon. I guess the fun is in the journey, and not exactly the destination.

If I had some extra money, I think I’d go looking for used RVs for sale, or maybe even rent one, (like my neighbor’s), and get my family out on a road trip. Somehow, with all these months being cooped up at home, I think we deserve a vacation.

I can probably work while on the road (mobile 3G!), too! The wonders of a mobile lifestyle, eh?

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  1. what kind of rv’s are available for sale in the Philippines? Is your neighbor’s rv built and assembled in the Philippines or is it imported from abroad?

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