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Whoever said that all women prefer clothes and makeup over cars should go out more often. Many women love cars just as much as men do. The main difference lies on what women look for when choosing a car.

I, for one, look for a car which is fuel efficient, spacious, reliable, and of course, stylish. I don’t really know much about engine displacement, dipsticks or fenders; but I do know that fuel efficiency is important since I know how much I pay for gas, and something that isn’t easy or fun to drive is a car I wouldn’t want.Speaking of style, it’s mostly the guys who like to trick out their prized vehicles. As the fairer sex, though I’d like my car to be stylish, I’d still want it to be practical, thank you very much.

So let me present to you a short list of cars in the Philippines that I think are easy on the eyes, perfect for a girls’ lifestyle, well-priced, and generously outfitted with the right amount of features – the cars I would recommend for Pinays.

Photo Credit: By M 93 [Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)]
Mazda CX-5: Perfect SUV for Devoted Moms

SRP: Php 1,450,000

The attraction of SUV’s is not limited to men only. Women also want the feeling of having a massive machine under their control. But women want their SUV’s big, tough, but still manageable. SUV’s that feel too heavy, hard to maneuver, and too difficult to park will never be on my list. My SUV has to be “lady-friendly”.

The Mazda CX-5 is a compact SUV which is a roomy, high-powered vehicle that I believe would be ideal for doting moms. The price is quite high, but very understandable, since the CX-5 is a good blend of easy maneuverability, responsive steering, and solid control best for driving kids to school or back home. Since Mazda’s SkyActiv engine and gearbox is running this vehicle, you can expect a smooth, quiet ride anywhere. With soft and spacious seats, cruise control, and dual-zone climate control, you can rest assured that your kids are always comfortable anywhere your entire family goes.

Toyota Camry: The Sedan for the Social Housewives

SRP: Php 1,451,000 – 2,097,000

Luxury cars are not only for men, they are for elegant women as well… and as far as elegance goes, the Camry is my top choice. As one of the best-selling midsize cars in the world, the Toyota Camry is best recommended for the housewife who spends most of her day running errands — and meeting friends for a nice brunch or dinner in between.

What makes this sedan perfect for what I like to call the “social housewife” is the car’s excellent fuel economy, refined performance and high-quality interior. It’s a midsized car so ladies can always take their best friends, their kids and yayas, and even their pets with them. The roomy trunk is more than enough for your extensive collection of shoes and Louis Vuittons.

Chevrolet Aveo: The Budget Friendly Small Car for Partygoers

SRP: Php 585,000 – 720,000

Young ladies with limited budgets can still enjoy a good drive with the new Chevrolet Aveo. This car looks great on the outside and is quite cool on the inside. Its maneuverability is not bad at all.

What I really like about this car is the price. For just a little above half a million pesos, you get to go club hopping with your friends without worrying about gas mileage. Finding parking or driving through the traffic of EDSA is more tolerable since the car’s small size allows you to wiggle through tight spaces. And with its safety features, you’re more confident on coming back home alive.The Aveo’s interior is acceptably tricked out. The driver’s seat comes with an arm rest so you can be comfy during long trips.

Economical and budget-friendly, the Aveo is best recommended as a gift for a daughter on her 18th birthday.

Ford Focus: Excellent Ride for Upwardly mobile Professionals

SRP: Php 860,000 – 1,200,000

This car is very fast, quite economical, looks very professional, and really stylish. It comes in 2 versions: hatchback and sedan. Though I love the hatchback more, the sedan isn’t something to scoff at. This sporty looking vehicle is definitely a great looking accessory for a very successful 20-something female professional working in Makati.

The Ford Focus offers a decent looking interior that screams of a nice lifestyle. The engine runs quietly, and the cabin remains cool the whole time. Taking your friends and co-workers around the Metro while inside the Focus’ crisp and clean interior feels so good, they’ll definitely want to take a ride with you again and again.

Hyundai Elantra: Your first fashionable sedan

SRP: Php 818,000 – 958,000

The Hyundai Elantra is sleek and gorgeous. I love its curves and lines. It’s definitely a car I can’t help but stare at.

Considered as one of the best and most affordable compact sedans available today, its high fuel economy rating makes it ideal for long drives to and from work in the bustling Makati or Ortigas business districts. The only thing quite lacking in this package is the interior. It’s not as impressive as the outside look and quite bland. But this somewhat “uninspired” interior is greatly compensated by a very reliable engine that offers a smooth drive. And for less than a million pesos, I’m happy that there is an equally reliable set of safety features that makes this sedan ideal for novice female drivers who tend to speed through traffic because they’re often late for work.tely a car I can’t help but stare at.

And did I mention it looks gorgeous?… Oh yes, I did.

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  1. I bought a brand new chevy trailblazer 4×4 last man 2013. I was very satisfied with it and even told my friends to consider it in their options when they will buy a new vehicle. But 7 months after the unit won’t start. It was towed to commonwealth service center where it was purchased. They did not find any significant cause of the problem and it started again while in the service center. So I was able to use it again without any problem until 13 months after when the same problem recurred. It won’t start. This happened for 3 more times. The last time was jan 2015 when they said again that they have solved the problem. I was already requesting for a change unit or at least a trade in with them. They requested me to give them another chance to test the vehicle. I agreed on the condition that the next time the same problem recurs, they have to replace it with a new unit. They said they cannot give me my request. Chevrolet Philippines does not care about costumer satisfaction. I hope those who are thinking of buying a Chevy unit will have second thoughts

  2. If you are looking for a good service and safety cars, I suggested you to buy peugeot, it is worth to buy. If you are interested just reply back.

  3. One of my friend recently bought Tata Manza. According to him it is a fuel-efficient car. It offers a perfect combination of power and technology, luxury and comfort for an unmatched driving experience. His comments have impressed me a lot and I personally inquired for the same car. Surprisingly I loved it too & i have made my mind on buying the same.

  4. With all these above cars i’ll also recommend the car by TATA – Vista, it is a stylish hatchback car which is just fit for your small family also it is comfortable. We had a great experience driving it. It is elegant and will suit anyone. I think it is equally easy on eyes and well-priced, like the other car in Philippines. It is one of the most affordable cars in Philippines.

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