Toyota Motors PH: No layoffs, 3 day workweek only

Eventhough the Japan quake happened over a month ago, the economic effects are still being felt across the shores; and the Philippines is one of them.

It has certainly affected the car manufacturers such as Honda and Ford, and they’ve done some measures to alleviate the effects. Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP) is doing its own share by not laying off anyone, but instead implementing a 3 day workweek.

Under the adjusted work schedules, the TMP production workers at its Sta. Rosa plant will operate three days on two shifts from a five-day work week on two shift operation. While the other workers go on regular shift, the others would be undergoing some training, rotate their shifts, among others.

The schedule implementation will depend on when the plants at Japan will resume full operation, reportedly at latest June this year.

[Article via: Manila Bulletin |Image via: StaraBlazcova (CC by-SA 3.0)]

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