Used Fords

Making the choice to own a used Ford is a wise choice for a number of reasons.  Ford has a mass market and the amount of models and registrations available are vast – you can choose from a far greater selection of used cars than most other manufacturers might offer.  On there is currently over 44,000 models available. You can find many Fords online such as the Ford Kuga for sale.

1954 Ford F-100 Interior Logo
Creative Commons License photo credit: JD Hancock

With the sheer amount of Ford’s in circulation parts and repairs are cheap.  With more obscure makes you may pay a premium for simple parts, whereas with a Ford most parts should come at a reasonable price.  As your used Ford may be touching that 3 year old mark, you can begin to start considering MOT costs.  The price of any work done during your MOT could be drastically reduced by owning a Ford and its related well-stocked parts.  When a car gets past a certain age the MOT can become a major yearly outlay.  You may not have a used car warranty giving added importance to the potential cost of any repairs.

This is also generally reflected in your insurance premiums.  If your car costs less to fix, your insurance quote will probably be a lot cheaper.  Models like the Ford Ka fall into the lowest insurance groupings making all round running costs some of the lowest in the class.

The new generation of Ford cars is one of the highest quality fleets any manufacturer has ever produced.  Ford, like a couple of the other larger manufacturers, have hit a time when all of their cars are receiving critical acclaim.

As with all cars you need to carry out the general quality checks.  A data check is advisable to ensure the car has never been written off, stolen or clocked, and an independent inspection from a mechanic is a good way to detect any faults invisible to the untrained eye.

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