Automotive Fashion Disasters We Would Like to See Disappear (last of a series) — Vortex Generator / Shark Fin Antenna

This series is written by Ice Man, a well known personality in the auto performance tuning circuit. Often a judge in major car shows held nationwide, he is regarded as an expert in car enhancements and styling. Much like Dr. Gregory House on TV, Ice Man is borderline arrogant, painfully critical, and definitely one of the best in the motoring field.

WARNING: If you are reading this and have any of the products mentioned, I’m sorry for being too critical but it doesn’t change the fact that your car still looks “passe” and “uncool”.

Auto Fashion Disaster No. 4: Vortex Generator/Shark Fin Antenna

This is another mod that somewhat looks cool. These are the things you normally see on the roof near the rear of an Evo or BMW. But once again, realize that your car is not an EVO or a BMW.

Actually, I can tolerate the shark fin antenna because it does look kinda cool, until some smart guy sticks it on a massive SUV or an AUV. Come on, it doesn’t work that way.

As for the vortex generator, yes, it looks kinda cool on your jalopy; but with merely double sided tape holding that thing, it’s a certainty that its gonna fly off once you reach 200kph — which you won’t be able to do anyway because you are not driving an Evo! But it does and will eventually fall off while you drive — and that could be quite embarrassing.

Automotive fads come and go and like the fads of yesteryear such as Altezza lights, 7 color chromallusion paint, Lambo doors, Airbrush art, Phat chrome wheels, these too shall fade, and not soon enough, we hope.

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