What’s with the Super Black Tints?

We all know that these days, global warming has resulted in warmer sunny days to which car air conditioning systems may need all the help they can get to ensure that proper climate levels are maintained inside cars. One resort is to have heavily tinted vehicles to make sure that sun rays find it harder to penetrate. But on the other hand, it may make driving harder, especially during the evenings.

Another issue here is security. Heavily tinted vehicles are being pulled over due to the rampant crime rate which has involved drugs, kidnappings and smuggling to which most of the dark-tinted cars can expect to be pulled over and warned of their tint. Some would heed the warning while others will not. Others even use people in power to protect themselves and with that, you can wonder how any form of control can ever be placed on this issue locally.

On the normal route, it is hard to see the road with these dark tints. Whether you are driving normally or backing up, chances are your car is up for bumps and dents if you are not careful. Having people guide you because of it is an option but with that, you are gaining quite an attention. So why bother using dark tints?

Using the heat as a primary issue is lame. But if there are people to be blamed then perhaps that would be the car accessory vendors. If they would stop selling these dark tints then perhaps people would not even consider using them. So fix that and you may get some order from all of this dark tint issues.

5 thoughts on “What’s with the Super Black Tints?”

  1. Sir based on my own experience, having super black tints is both a good and bad thing. Good because you get to protect yourself and your belongings inside your car. Marami kasi naniniktik na kapag may nakitang valuable na bagay sa loob… binabasag ung quarter window or worst sisirain ung buong pinto mo talaga. My car audio was stolen twice inside my driveway and my speculation is that f*cker whoever he may be looks inside my car when its parked outside since the tint is very light and almost unnoticeable and no alarm too.

    The bad thing is like what you have mentioned, visibility problem especially during night time which makes you prone to accidents. Good thing there is an alternative to black tints which is the magic tint, hard to see on the outside but visible through the inside.

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